1.5 million years ago: There was the taming of fire and thousands of years later, control of fire and cooking

500,000 thousand years ago: Shelter construction

400,000 : Pigments in Zambia

400,000 : Spears in Germany

200,000 : Glue in Italy

64,000 : Arrowheads in South Africa

60,000 : Bows

36,000 : Cloth woven from flax fiber in Georgia

28,000 : Twisted rope

16,000 : Pottery in China

10,000 : First things made from metal

8000 : Kilns in Mesopotamia

5300 : the Wheel

5000 : Cuneiform in Mesopotamia: Invention of Writing

5000 : Bronze in Mesopotamia

5000 : Papyrus in Egypt

250: Internal Combustion Engine, Automobile

200 : Telegraph, Aluminum

150 : Light Bulb, Telephone, Electrical Power Grid, Anesthesia

100 : Aircraft, Penicillin, Aspirin

50 : Personal Computer, Transistor, Copier, Nuclear Power Grid

We are adolescents of the universe.  Our species is just opening our eyes in wonder, learning to communicate, understanding pattern, making connections, figuring out relationships, deciding who to trust, experimenting and testing boundaries, starting to gain control over our immediate world, dominated by hormones, activated by primal instructions, overwhelmed by input, dependent on forces beyond our cognition, fixated on what is immediate and close, dominated by hunger and driven by forces and a world we do not yet understand. We are complex generative organisms, more powerful than any who has lived before, both delicate and resilient, learning by trial and error, educated through moderators and by consciously teaching ourselves. We collaboratively possess the potential to achieve almost anything imaginable and unimaginable.


Adolescence is characterized by awkwardness, by thinking one is invincible, by believing we known more than we do. Adolescence often includes poor choices, short term self centered motives, and a desire to grow up faster.

smallerOur species has just experienced a quantum leap from childhood to adolescence. We have many new resources and ideas and challenges and powers that involve greater responsibility and accountability. Adolescence is a time of turbulence and change, and it comes without the useful perspective afforded later by hindsight. And unique to our situation, there is no adult in sight. No one has traveled this way before. We are all equally adolescent. It is up to us to find our way. But it is strangely comforting to believe that as with adolescence, there is nothing wrong with us that cannot be remedied by compassion, understanding and more dedicated time to systemically evolve.

For us, the successful maturation of a human race demands that we, you, adopt the systemic wisdom of a few principles that are the essence of wisdom and human life.

Unlike most adolescents, the conscious, subconscious and corporal identity necessary for prolific human evolution requires the mastery of:

principles and behaviors enthusiastically engaged in systemic nurture and equal standing for oneself, others, and all life


the vigorous and eternal pursuit of systemic truth.

Like most adolescents, we instead throw impotent words at each other, throw limited ideas and idolistic money at each other, without recognition of where value lives. Value rests in equalizing nurture and the pursuit of truth. If you want to play word games, then at least agree to the rules of principled engagement which demand that nurture and the pursuit of truth trumps (yes, trumps!!:) everything. The American presidential election should not be about how Hillary or Bernie or Donald or Ted and the complacent media frame their marketing. These candidates, better candidates, every candidate, should be scrambling to prove to us that they are about nurturing all of us, transparently, honestly, systemically, logically and scientifically toward a measurably better future, with continuous feedback loops and adjustments directed at specific investments in strategies to achieve specific objectives. It is insane that we the people do not demand wisdom, integrity and deep inclusive caring from everyone we hire (elect) to serve us.

Belief in democracy, peer to peer, socialism, elected officials, capitalism, religion, courts, police, public education, science or even systemics is not enough to prevent massive harms to people and life on earth. Each of these institutions has become deeply and widely corrupt – because we have let them lose their way. Every moment of all of our lives, our Wayfinding, has to be dominated by the autopoietic internal code and compass of systemic nurture and the pursuit of truth if we are to stop the crimes against humanity and life on earth. We have to care every moment, we have to learn every moment how to care, and we then need to become the systemic holistic caretakers of ourselves, those around us, and life on earth – without compromise. This is the core, the seed, the essence of what many of us seek. Wayfinder proposes that we collectively assemble and live within a new dimension of systemic thinking and doing that is never about the fabrications of corporations, media, politicians, inherited dogmas and the corrupt framings of everything.

Stop talking systemic nothings about candidates and spewing code words for hate, discrimination, fear, lies, greed, terrorists, prejudice and selfishness. Stop playing the adolescent games of our ancestors. Stop generally wishing things were better without making the effort to frame the reality and the hope. Make the effort to shape what you touch, to reach out beyond, and engage deeply with the few core principles that define systemic sanity and a world shaped around a unifying vision of our potential. The corruption of the core principles of equalizing nurture and the pursuit of truth, the essence of wisdom and love, is the corruption of everything. It is the enemy and the only game in town if we are to ever become the adults of the universe. By framing the systemics of your life and our planet around the only principles that matter, you become 1 with the universe, which right now is such a lonely number.

1 + 1 +… = nurturing truth 

1  = the loneliest number



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4 thoughts on “Adolescence

  1. Tribal cultures had initiation rites for adolescents. What tribes didn’t have rites? How were rites different for genders. Were the rites effective, and as to what intentions? What adolescent initiations are need for confusing civilizations, beyond tribes?

    We must learn more about all the changes at adolescence and how they are dependent on environment. What is the diversity of adolescent shifts?

    I have always been fascinated by the fact that the corpus callosum is very late to mature. Most of childhood and adolescence occurs when we are split brain! What is our bio-programmatic game-plan for transition to “maturity”?

    Did the biology of adolescence emerge in context with cultural initiations? What was the need for an “adolescenct stage”? What are our other developmental discontinuities?

    I am not convinced that “adolescence” is an appropriate analog for “our interval” in humankind. The whole stage-of-life spectrum needs to be applied.

    YET, human adolescence is a phenomenon needing greater research attention.

  2. Language is an imperfect art and science, and as we have proposed, it is about time we tried very hard to establish a more systemic, more semiotic, more comprehensive way (language) to capture and communicate meaning and complexity. Analogies and metaphors and stories and examples are the inherited mechanisms we often use to address something uncommon or not self evident. The use of the reference to adolescence is meant to project how early we are in the history of humanity, how we adults possess in context some of the general characteristics of current human adolescence, and how little we know about ourselves, our potential and our universe of matter, energy, life forms and constructs. A full stage of life spectrum is certainly the more holistic way to look at our current state of being. But I expect we will develop new variations to the current stages, and I expect we will continue to think we know more than we do, feel we are centric as the world revolves around us, and not enjoy being told anything difficult or different. Finally, no analogy, no story, no metaphor, no reference is systemically complete, accurate and whole. Thus, the need for a visual dynamic multimedia language that can express more with less.

  3. I agree with most. I have difficulty that I – at this time – have the competencies to evaluate grand schemes. I am not equipped to judge the role humans will play in a future evolved/emerged Gaia. Maybe the lifepath, from birth to death is the “entity” and our activities during adolescence play an important role in the whole of humanity. The old issue – do we need bad to know good, ugly to know beauty, pain to know pleasure, etc. Child development confronts the issue of too much protection – the case now in “free range children”. I think humankind can do away with the traumas of war. There is a difference between having some persons in the population have certain experiences but all persons don’t need (can’t have) all experiences.

    “Visual dynamic multimedia” implies the primacy of visual. I suggest the primacy will go with the scaffolding of symbolism that guides temporal patterns – coupled with training. I am not sure the language we seek will be “easy” and not involve quality training.

    I speculate we will encounter VISUALS in radically different ways. One will be the mammalian system using familiar images and analogies. But, static scanned images are quite different from dynamic images (such as are used in digital video flashes of different short scenes – distinct from just filming normal motion). Viewing complex symbolic patterns may involve different parts of the brain – especially if the patterns are dynamic and whether the viewer just follows or has choices – and if they even participate during the viewing.

    Listening to speeded up text while reading makes both visual and auditory greatly enhanced. We have much to learn about the interaction of video and auditory. What might happen if the video part is not to signal sound but the visuals are integrated with the sounds (which may be like or ordinary verbal language). I have suggested that the big complex visual diagrams being created today need alternative auditory tracks to guide perception.

    The temporal patterns in languaging are wide open to exploration. Ability to return to or replay prior viewed language pieces can be very important. Hypertext remains in its infancy – has even regressed. Then there is the difference between well crafted language entities and the flow of conversational discourse. Then, there is the mix of the two – as the practice of physicist dialog at the chalkboard.

    Alan, my mind was just blown above in the diversity of though about languages.

  4. Hi Larry. I agree with every thought you expressed on March 5. We communicate through our senses using the learned “languages and cultures of the senses” and our sense-based pre-programming which become our sense making and organizing system. We also can and do invent new portals and mechanisms for communication such as video games, 5 second “commercials”, social branding, smart small devices linked to lots of stuff, instant gps and audio/video, continuous feeds, virtually unlimited storage and retrieval etc. The key to any success above and beyond the timid norms of modern communication require a devotion to the concept of systemic meaning. What is the most essential, most critical, most effective meaning related to an outbreak of ebola virus in Africa based upon a NETS driven set of objectives? The answers transcend the subject of ebola, the place within Africa, the present, any single perspective, medical rationality, mass irrationality and misunderstanding, the loss of a single specific human life etc. The meaning lies in a pre-programmed systemic understanding that shifts the spectrum of perception and knowledge away from the dots of data and blips of sound bytes, away from a linear specificity, toward a rich, provocative sense based mental model that uses sound, sight, moving image, graphics, semiotics, documentation, proof process to experience a new holistic foundation for understanding the multiplicity of variables, dynamics, dimensions and view angles that contribute to the unnecessary and easily preventable threat of anything in the class of ebola. The essential meaning, at the highest level, is that we have no systemic objectives such as NETS that, if implemented, would obliterate the poverty and illiteracy and tolerance for ebolas.

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