The haters have become programmed to hate people on the basis of appearance, gender, gender preference, race, religion, origin, behavior, belief, history, wealth, capacity, age, size, difference, familiarity……..until we have millions of haters focused on the subjects of their hate. Programming for Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems does not exist in any inclusive and penetrating form. Programming for hate is ubiquitous. When hate, like trauma, takes root in one’s conscious or subconscious, it is very difficult to dislodge, deconstruct or eliminate.

Hate kills.

I know hate when I feel it. I know hate when I hear it. I know hate when I see it on faces. I know hate when I see it in action. I know hate is often hidden beneath surfaces. I have hate hidden inside of me. People hate me because of my religion, my beliefs and my appearance.

Hate is an inherited construct rooted in culture and language.

It is an aid to violent domination,
It is an aid to familial and institutional oppression,
It boosts disabling hormones and chemicals, and increases focus and intensity on the hatee, while overwhelming all other programming.


The hate construct exists among a spectrum of our emotional languages. Like all of the conscious and subconscious constructs we label as emotions, hate is not a given.

There are individuals and families and small communities that do not experience hate. Young people do not possess the construct of hate. They learn of it later in life.

There are larger societies where the construct of hate is embodied in different ways – not necessarily against a tangible person or place but as a generalized emotion not applied to something tangible.

People regard chronic depression as a mental illness but not chronic hate. People often tolerate chronic hate. People often root for hate and reinforce it when intense competitions become their focus,
and winning at all costs becomes their objective. In the US, the Tea Party and a significant portion of the Republican Party and the Libertarian Party provide safe harbor for haters. These groups give haters an unchallenged community and platform for the infinite variations and expressions of hate. 

At Y Worlds, we think that if you believe in the construct of mental illness, one major form of mental illness is usually missing. We would argue that HATE is a mental illness that not only harms the individual but infects everyone they touch.

SLANT presents HATE and Anger and Violence as normative. HATE and Anger and Violence pervade American culture. Humans are not pre-programmed for hate. Hate is a human invention, a human construct, created to label the blinding anger that leads irrevocably to self harm or societal harm. The word “hate” is not a systemic word – it does little to explain the source of its mental and physical violence and it never challenges us to decode the programming and enabling forces that allow it to permeate the fabric of American life.

A baby is not programmed for hate. The baby is programmed for learning, communication and attachment to its caregivers. The baby has to learn hate. The baby has to learn violence. Hate and violence are manufactured by humans and learned by humans. The existence of hate is not inevitable if we choose not to accept it as normative. Expressions of hate are everywhere, all the time, throughout our media and daily lives. Denying people health care is a form of hate. Skewed prison sentences for people of color and for drug offenses is a form of hate. Enabling the institutional rape of women and children is a form of hate. Empowering corporations to poison and irrevocably damage the people and environment of this country is a form of hate. The vicious emotions projected at  the sitting President of the United States is a form of hate. Allowing civil servants to murder without justification, to ignore CPR and resuscitation when it could save a life, to lie and mislead, and to distort voting rights are acts of hate. Constructing an economic system where it is impossible for many to achieve their potential, or even live a life of hope, is an act of hate.

The only people to not understand the poison of hate are the people who have never experienced its pain. Who among you has not experienced a hate based not on what you have done, but on your physical or cultural visibility and the stigma attached to being different from the haters? Maybe some white men and women of means receiving positive dominant social perceptions of physical status, religion and societal pecking order.

Our Y Person model suggests that we are all a construction of our genetics and biomaterials, our life experience, and how we consciously and subconsciously and corporally process everything. We all function within a vast multidimensional spectrum of flavors of thought, state, behavior and being. To make sense of the complexity of all this, to extract meaning from the overwhelming flow of information interacting with our senses and our processing, we believe we need a simple scaffolding that can be as robust and scalable as we need it to be.

Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems is our sensemaking. If you can’t love yourself and others, you do not achieve your potential and the future of others are stunted as well. If you are not an open and active learner, you do not achieve your potential and the future of others are stunted as well.

Just as with the word love, the word hate is often used to describe feelings and states and expressions that are not the full deep subconscious embodiment –  the full embodiment is the visceral one that takes control over you, the one that pushes other programming aside, the one that drives the release of hormones and powerful genetically programmed chemical, biological and neuro responses that are often beyond one’s conscious and subconscious control. But the full embodiment can also exist deeply embedded and invisible within a person or society – as within our society – like a latent virus waiting for the right medium to surface and dominate. 

We need to bring to our conscious the understanding that hate – the full embodiment – is the opposite of Nurture, is the opposite of Equality, is the opposite of Truth and is the opposite of Systems. Hate should not exist. If we did our jobs right, the programming of hate could not take root.

Hate does not need to be accepted or tolerated or reinforced. There is no need for hate. Hate is an invented reality.

Every person who interacts with movies, television, books, competitive sports and adult life in America has been introduced to deep visceral hate. Every person who watches the news witnesses deep visceral hatreds that lead to death, destruction, tragedy, loss and wasted potential.


Every person of color in America cannot avoid the pervasive, invasive, divisive, hate filled, institutionally sponsored, illegal (The Civil Rights Act of 1964) vestiges of inherited racism:

Confederate Flags, Highways with Confederate Names, Sports Teams with Indigenous Mascots, Corporate & Military Use of Indigenous Mascots, Segregated Everything, Fox News, 3 Supreme Court “Injustices”, Most Republican Leaders and Too Many Followers.


Hate kills. The construct of hate often begins with a hatred of oneself. Hatred kills one’s potential. Hatred kills the potential of others. Hatred serves no productive purpose other than to enable the hater to redirect their life and attention toward the often violent, often illegal, often pyrrhic, defeat of the object of their hatred. And hatred is communicable – it can be caught, transmitted, ingrained and enlarged. And once it gets established, and its momentums gain mass and velocity, it becomes a force that continues until depleted or interdicted or rerouted. Any denigration of another person or group, any discrimination, any degradation, any denial of equal rights and inclusiveness becomes an integral factor in the SLANT that nourishes hate.

If hatred is employed to stop the hatred and tyranny of others, it may help fortify the commitment of the interdictors, but it is not necessary to organize and act to defeat aggressors. Hate is not necessary in life. Hate is not even real. It exists because we have learned it from our ancestors. It exists because we culturally and educationally tolerate it as an acceptable conscious or subconscious state.

We believe hate can be phased out.
Nurture and resilience and survival can be taught.
We can understand ourselves and our inherited experiences and programming.
We can understand the systemic forms of organization and relationship that human beings invent and activate.
We can understand that when one experiences hate, or witnesses hate at any time in any form, it means that something is missing in the haters, that causal factors in a bigger context need further consideration, that inherited programming and experiences have overwhelmed conscious and subconscious NETS understandings, and that you and others must not accept, tolerate or ignore the haters.

That means we need to increase efforts to phase out hate.
That means we need to teach and model and experience the alternatives to hate.
That means we need to embrace NETS. To teach it. To live it.
Trusted, believed, beloved third parties need to become a systemic force to mediate and teach – using an open and transparent Proof Process to dissolve hate and introduce solutions.

To stop the forces that propel hate, every effort and attention by us, by our personal and societal systems, must be made to enable all people and groups to live their peaceful lives WITHOUT depravation, terror, intense poverty, subjugation,  injustice, discrimination, disenfranchisement, tyranny, virtual imprisonment,  hopelessness….FOCUSING ON systemic opportunity, education, trust, integrity, human warmth, kindness, inclusive and richly diverse human experiences…and REDUCING TOWARD ZERO the existing programming of hate, one by one, group by group, by example, and by speaking out, healing, teaching and if necessary confronting the speech and acts that carry hate forward.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.” NELSON MANDELA


It is not ok to hate. If you wish, you can call hate a mental illness. A label. A word. A SLANT. Hate is  legitimized mental illness. We prefer to cooperatively model and vitalize Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. When we see hate, when we experience it, we recognize it not for what it is, but what it is not.

Y Worlds. We place NETS around hate.


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4 thoughts on “Hate as Mental Illness

  1. Y Worlds,
    Truly appreciate the courage of this chimp mail and it’s relevancy to the heart felt grief around the world for children. It’s time for a transformation in education and an understanding of designing a child centric manner of dignity in living. All children in every age of human history are hard wired biological loving sacred beings who simply love and want loved. I appreciate the depth of the confrontation in reflection offered in this post and the revelation of the solution calling to eliminating belief systems based in hate. It’s like hearing the “BELL” on the immature arrested adolescent playground of our collective human experience and having the “TEACHER” call time out and let’s analysis the conflict happening. The solution is so simple everyone of us come from the womb as love, loving and want to be loved. Let’s do it and redesign education in the global cultural matrix to a child centric worldview that nurtures children in equality and the autopoietic truth enactively embodiedd in their flesh, and create the integrated systems designing a new world together caring for future generations in love.
    Thank you!

  2. You are my favorite minister Mushin. Beautiful words, beautiful thoughts – ministering to the essential meaning of human life – love. tks

  3. The concept of phasing out hate reminds me a bit of the design of noise canceling headphones, which interject sound waves to subdue incoming noise. Similarly, a healthy, evolved multiplexed system is capable of detecting, countering and disrupting instances of hate with truth, love, and nurture to eventually dampen/neutralize the destructive energies of hatred. Resisting hatred requires active, patient, tenacious participation of a well-tuned community. Thank you for laying out the groundwork!

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