Every generation, rightly and wrongly, believes in its superiority over past generations.

Our generation believes we are much smarter than past generations. More educationally advanced. More grounded in fact and science rather than myth and magic. Far advanced in technology and the societies we construct. We believe we are more moral than our ancestors, less brutal, more equal, less tyrannical, more sophisticated. We believe the quality of our lives is far better than our ancestors, and that we will continue to improve on the quality dimension. We cannot imagine a Game of Thrones series written around our fictions and realities, violences and fiefdoms.

An exception to this perception of superiority seems to be along the vector of art. Our generation seems to prize the visual art of our ancestors and we seem to embrace their history more than our own modern history.

The essential flaw in our perspective of THEM as primitive and US as advanced is the very concept of “primitive”. The Oxford English dictionary defines the noun as follows:

“Primitive” — a person belonging to a preliterate, nonindustrial society or culture.

Our literate, industrial society judges “primitive” as below our standing, as inferior, as a slow evolving ineffective version of ourselves — because we seldom vigorously and holistically look forward, far forward — because we seem to enjoy the study of the “primitives” over our slow evolving selves — and because we avoid the systemic contexts that ensure we will some day become the “primitives” in the accumulative systemic knowledge portals of the future. We will indeed someday be viewed to be as “primitive” as we view “them”.

Someday, perhaps in the year 2525, if man were still alive, we, the human occupants of the 20th and 21st centuries, will be regarded to be as primitive as we regard the souls who lived in the 16th and 17th centuries. 

A Y Worlds perspective does not judge or even employ the construct of “primitive”. Primitive is a primitive construct:)! Even the construct of evolution is systemically ineffective because it fails to define evolution toward what end, so it becomes just another word that means change. Everything is in motion: evolving, mutating, changing. Everything. Evolution is often regarded as always onward and upward, always positive, but this perception of evolution as progress is flawed and systemically inaccurate.

We, the current human occupants of earth, are consciously, subconsciously and corporally different from our ancestors, and our environments are different from our ancestors. However, like our ancestors, we believe we are a major advancement over those who lived before us. And like our ancestors, we believe that we are the center of the universe of thinking, superior to all who came before us, and cannot imagine the feeling of being studied by those in the year 2525  for our inferior understanding of ourselves, of science, and the construction of societal forms.

Y Worlds suspects the largest gaps in consciousness between now and those studying us in 2525 will be our steadfast belief in deities as opposed to an effortful belief in ourselves, our embrace of violence, our failure to transcend the subconscious programming of slant through vigorous conscious effort, our minimal understanding and exploitation of the extraordinary and eminently accessible workings of the smallest forms of matter/energy and life, our human centric poisoning of the earth and atmosphere, our systemic corruption of almost everything important, our inability to acquire nurture and equality as defining principles, and our reliance on a limited language that continues to resist advancements based upon accumulative systemic knowledge.



We do not understand our bodies. We do not understand the systems and forces of the universe. We do not understand what we do not understand. That takes imagination, vigorous conscious frameworks and a new language – because we think with our language. Inside of all of us, there are deep understandings, understandings that no string of words can do justice to. At Y Worlds we try to share these deep understandings. Our very first steps, our only solid steps, have been the deconstruction of these deeper understandings as Nurture, Equality and vigorous Pursuit of Truth and Systems and the reconstruction of language into a higher form of understanding, a systemic accumulative form, consisting of dynamic semiotic models that signify all variables and relationships via ontologically organized cellular models filled with pattern based meaning . Where we go from here is on you.

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