When we look at the concept of education through the lens of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems, we immediately notice that the word “education” itself generally refers to formal processes and institutions that deliver teacher-driven content from preschool through higher education.

Teaching does not directly translate into Learning

Experiences do not directly translate into Retention
Language does not directly translate into Comprehension
Information does not directly translate into Application
Knowledge does not directly translate into Extension
Teaching does not necessarily provide Necessity

Fixed Curriculums do not necessarily provide Self Concept
Fixed Classrooms do not necessarily provide Inclusiveness
Fixed Testing does not necessarily provide Active Open Learning
Fixed Grades & Levels does not necessarily provide Cognition
30 Children Class Formats do not necessarily provide Critical Life Skills
Learning is not a passive Act
Teaching means nothing if there is not Learning
Content need not be reinvented by every Locality or Person
Individual needs can be Inclusively defined and Specifically met
Commons needs are about experience, interaction, Inclusiveness, Equality

A continuous thread should revolve around the dignity of everyone
A continuous thread should revolve around rich and diverse experiences
A continuous thread should revolve around systemic thinking
A continuous thread should revolve around computer based creation
A continuous thread should revolve around interactions with other communities and other cultures


Everyone should learn the equivalent of a Registered Nurse about the human body, and specifically their body. All sciences should be aligned and integrated, with emphasis on experiential learning in the natural world and practical application. All social sciences should be aligned and integrated toward meaning defined by principles, objectives and systemic understanding. All math should link to computer based creation.

Every moment in a place of learning should be safe and secure from discrimination and harm. Yet, since the reality is that no place is safe and secure, that should become part of the learning and growing process. A nurturing education is devoted to each child, and must empower all children to learn how to nurture themselves and others.

And for every human being on earth, from age 4 to 100, any lack of purpose or meaning can be met by a challenge to become a lifelong continuous educator by exploring and sharing your pursuits of systemic truths that can range from studying the insects in your neighborhood to charting the cause and effects of your body’s cycles to collecting air and water samples and analyzing them to finding other people who are superior sharers of their knowledge. We imagine an accumulative interactive dynamic visual place to semiotically place the new knowledge into its systemic forms for all to experience and learn from. We image every person contributing anything of value through this process would receive some form of recognition and reward. We all become learners, scientists, educators and builders of a world of knowledge and action – without the corruptions of money, ideology, control and SLANT – dedicated to the the nurture of the earth.

We have thought long and hard about how to understand education systemically. It is not about knowledge, because knowledge can be plucked from the internet tree. Education is about people and their systemic embrace of themselves and the basic principles of nurture, equality and the lifelong joyous beneficial pursuit of truth.

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