We have looked at the stars for thousands of year. Followed the habits of insects and birds and land animals. Examined how best to keep warm, to get from A to B, to feed ourselves, to avoid pain, to stay alive. Experimented with human relationships. Recorded our patterns and environments and experiences and learnings and thinkings.

We make thousands of decisions every day. Most are subconscious.

Think about the subconscious and conscious decisions you’ve made over the past 24 hours. Think about the most important decisions you’ve made in your life.

If we were to create a living organizational entity, a cooperative, that was designed to Nurture, it would, at its essence, offer a scaffolding that addressed the objectives of everyone.

We would acknowledge comfort – the universal need for security, survival and freedom from pain, suffering, hunger, disease and threat.

We would emphasize meaning by building frameworks that always originate dynamically at the place where individuals are right now – their immediate reality – their conscious and subconscious and corporal being – their environment – their code – their hopes and fears. We would introduce Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. And we would understand the universality of relationships and experiences as the source of external meaning. 

We would apply a construct that we call Degrees of Separation. Meaning is directly correlated with the immediacy, intimacy and proximity of unmediated experience – of direct touch, smell, taste, vision and sound. Meaning, what we are programmed to internalize as meaning, evolves most directly from non-mediation. We remember the patterns of intimate encounters with ourselves and others and the world around us. For most of us, the greatest meaning in our lives comes from activity within 1 degree of separation between another being, ourselves, an environment, a sensation, an act of creation, a thought or a feeling, an exchange, a pleasure, a pain, a trauma. We would highly value 1 degree experiences and relationships.

We would ensure a variety of opportunities for vitality – freedoms, exchanges, exploration, creations, sensations, surprises and pleasures. We would not control others and would offer potent mechanisms to minimize tyranny and hierarchy while preserving sense of self and the potential to make change. We would encourage creativity and construction and invention within a framework that ensures no harm is done and integrity prevails. We would offer the most significant opportunities for happiness within the context of Meaning.

Meaning derives from Degrees of Separation
(Partially based upon the work of David Sonnenschein)


Meaning- Degrees of Separation -Y Worlds

Degree 0 Our immediate conscious, subconscious and corporal priorities and attention
Degree 1 Our immediate intimate sensory environment – life rings
Degree 2 Mediated input. Mediated by live transmission, or by recorded print or playback
Degree 3 Input that is unrecognized, unprocessed or unintelligible

Y Worlds.  Meaning is the mind of the beholder.

Read Meaning Pt. 1, Spectrums of Meaning and watch our Meaning video.

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