JOBS /jäbz/ : A job is a regular activity performed in exchange for payment. A person usually begins a job by becoming an employee, volunteering, or starting a business.

TODAY IS LABOR DAY IN THE US. Most of us in America take a vacation from labor in celebration of labor. There are some labors that are labors of love and living, initiated by us and controlled by us, and there are other labors that are hard on us – mentally and physically – because they are labors artificial to our mind, heart and soul, conducted to generate a sustainable living standard by agreeing to labor for others, to follow their rules and protocols.

Jobs dominate the consciousness of people and policy across the world. The people of the world have been suffering. They always do. Governments and corporations have been unable to improve ‘job’ creation, job compensation, job security or job satisfaction to anyone’s satisfaction. The internet has opened the door for all kinds of alternative forms of living and working, but few of us have fully opened that door to redesign our lives so that work and home, jobs and personal life, sustainability and satisfaction, time and energy, blend into a nurturing way of life, harming no one, including yourself and those around you.

Jobs and money spin in powerful cyclones, with advertising and eyeball sales, legalities and investments, conveniences and insurances, towering over the creation and distribution of beneficent necessities such as wholesome food, water, air, environment and shelter.

Individuals, corporations, governments and non-profit organizations create jobs. They use capital that is owned or borrowed from cycles of inherited wealth to pay people (including themselves as sole proprietors) to provide services. People differentiate jobs from leisure, employment from home life, work hours from free time.


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Wayfinder uses the Y Worlds approach to any system, any subject and any knowledge – Y Worlds Models. In order to re- introduce the Y Worlds Models to you, we’ll begin by examining the concept of jobs using the model at its highest level framework. This will be a very simple introduction – with much more to come with systemic and visualization help from the Cooperative.

First, we look at jobs from the viewpoint of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.
This is the last time we will use the word “Jobs”.

Roughly, every moment we have and every movement we make is subject to the momentum that brought us to where we are – our immediate circumstances, our capacity and desire to interact with that momentum and circumstance, and chance.

When we choose to do something that contributes to our sustenance and survival or the sustenance and survival of others, it becomes a construct of Nurture. We may enjoy the activity or not. We may have control of the activity or not. We may have initiated the activity or not. We may emphasize our limbs, our mind or both.

These activities have created a simple economic system.

For our activity:
We might receive substantial, little or no tangible benefit for the effort.
We might receive forms of exchange such as currency, loans, promises, tangible goods and services, intellectual property, stimulation or relationship and community.
In many cases, what we do receive adds some form of value to us that is then transferable to others in some form at some time and place and condition in the future.

The activity can be a task.
The activity can be an interaction.
The activity can be a thought.
The activity has inputs, activity and outputs.

We are not alone with this activity. Seven billion people and quadrillions of organisms, plants and animals are actively engaged with this same type of activity every second of their existence.

The activity for us has morphed from directly finding food and shelter, from direct relationships with soil, water and organisms, to more distant complex systemic manifestations of the same. We have become separated by degrees from the core raw materials of life. Our modern complex systems of Nurture formed incrementally, were subject to chance and influence, and were seldom planned or initiated with a commitment or understanding of Nurture, Equality, Truth or Systems. Complex human systems are our reality but there is nothing comprehensively systemic about any of them today. They are a patchwork at best. And their objective is never clear. We just do it because that is how we learned to do it.

Wayfinder’s objective is clear. Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.
There are enough resources in the world for everyone in poverty, AND everyone out of poverty, to achieve a generative and sustaining life. There is something to do everywhere, activities of all kinds, that add value to oneself and others. How do we get a person from a state of little or no value-building activity to engage in nurturing activity for self and others? This is a question that is solvable at every scale and in every corner of the globe. It is a matter of setting this as an objective, avoiding the tyranny of force and slavery or abandonment, and implementing a spectrum of systemic approaches.

Mankind does not now manage the nurture of people and living things.
There is no system dedicated to the nurture of people and life and no one is accountable to make it so.

Wayfinder rejects tyranny. We embrace freedom. And we push hard against the forces of SLANT.

There is no reason to believe the current economic “systems” of the world will continue to increase and expand prosperity across the globe – or even within a part of the globe.

There is no comprehensive economic system. There are no objectives or accountabilities, and there is mounting evidence that what benefits certain people enjoy come from the chance of birth to well positioned parents in place and time. The cycle of prosperity increasingly transfers wealth within a small number of people who have no immediate incentive to improve the system, to nurture people or invest for the future of everyone.

The extraction of wealth and prosperity from an economic patchwork gives the beneficiaries little immediate incentive to improve the system or the distribution of Nurture.

The history of the earth, of humans, of life, is one replete with the ebb and flow and interchanges of matter, energy, systems and ecologies. This is generative dynamics. Once there was a forest, now it is a desert. Once there was land, now there is water. Once giant creatures roamed the earth, now they can only be imagined. Once great civilizations existed, they are now literally buried under the earth.

We have enjoyed the benefit of more complex forms of economic organization for only hundreds of years – two handfuls of generations. What we call economic systems today are really not systems. We inherited these economies and our ancestors invested in them, but there is no long term warranty and no single entity knows how to, or has the capacity to, fix a ponzi economy if it completely dissolves. It was chance that plopped some of us into the period of relative prosperity the world is experiencing. It will take a unified and focused application of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems to achieve and sustain future prosperity – it can’t be done through free will or enterprise or incrementalism alone.

Here are a few among many ideas on how to achieve a sustainable mechanism for an inclusive beneficent planet:



We advance a model of  how Nurture is to be understood, and how to put it into practice using systemic insight to achieve measurable objectives – such as everyone having an opportunity to learn and participate in value generating activity.

Below are a few different ideas to rebuild our economic system looking through various facets of the Y Worlds model.

Human Constructs

Here we can re-imagine what a corporation is.
We have literally made up our economic world. We can remake it.
We need to understand the constructs that form the basis of our understanding of and actions within the economic patchwork we have today.
Then we can invent better ones and put them into systemic action.



SWAY is where we identify the forces of the human world – who has power and influence – and through what mechanisms that transmits to all of us.

For example if leaders of corporations or their employees engaged in thoughtless, prohibited and preventable actions that directly harmed people, harmed the capital and investment potential of masses of people, or harmed the capacity of the organization to sustain itself, they would receive such severe penalties that they would instead proactively design systems and processes that avoid catastrophe.


We look at relationships among individuals and groups.
A Relationship solution toward more Nurturing activity might be to match people with other people  and organizations through a gentle process that establishes objectives, trust, access and capacity. People get to do what they can in an environment well matched to them. Another Relationship solution might be to emphasize various forms of shared partnering for support and companionship – accomplished through strong systemic frameworks with various feedback loops of reward and recognition.


Y Person

We look at complete representations of human beings.
We know from our representational models that the early years of a person’s life should be emphasized to develop a Conscious, Subconscious and Corporal being that can sustain itself and prosper, see the world through a clear systemic lense without the distortions of hate, prejudice and ignorance. Any systemic approach to understanding and enhancing human activity must incorporate applied models of the human being – beginning at their early formative stages.


Matter | Energy

We would assemble all of the variables of science across the nano to the macro scale to help understand subjects such as ecology, environment and infrastructure. The science of food, of agriculture, of structures and utilities would be rigorously applied to adapt ourselves by building a systemic infrastructure that reinvigorates and sustains life on earth.[/two_third_last]

Proof Process

We would establish an elegant process with documentation of validity for all information, assumptions and hypotheses. For example, we might have every major corporate employer follow a systemic thought process and decision tree relating to profits and investment that would include consideration of employment, sourcing and contractual relationships. They would be held accountable for their failure to create and apply a mapped proof process consisting of beneficence, logic, reason, science, and due diligence.


We would model the construct of wealth and the exchange of value among people and organizations and nations. We would model the investments and expenditures being made with the money – how much is being put to projects that achieve the highest overall societal return, not just the immediate local profit. We could see for ourselves that currency within a closed system can keep circulating and have a multiplier effect on generating value and wealth. It it a mortal SLANT, a failure of imagination, to believe the absolute purpose of enterprise is to advance the stock price for shareholder. Employees, governments, populations, customers and future generations are all shareholders. 

Man Made

We would examine the universe of man made items and potential man made items for their value and contribution to the health and wealth of societies.

We might identify high returns on societal investment in such man made items as:
MacroMachines to fight floods and fires,
Public works to prevent floods and fires and epidemics,
Mass action projects to aid local organic farming, local energy capture and retention,
and de-plumbing the waste water systems of the world with an entirely better approach.

Trying to indirectly prime the economic pump is not a systemic approach to putting more people to “work”. Today there are no specific objectives and there are trillions of dollars being invested in tyrannical regimes and financial paper that fail to produce a generative impact on the circulation and distribution of wealth, resources and capital – the fuel for Nurturing activity.

Visual forms such as the Y Worlds Model, when fully realized with your help, can take on SLANT and SWAY and move us toward a more Nurturing and Systemic way to run our world.
Explore, experience and help develop the Y Worlds Model – an essential piece of Wayfinding.


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