Everything is in Motion. Everything around you. Everything that is you. Even these words.

Motion drives the universe.

We translate motion into meaning.

If nothing moved, there would be no pattern, no life, no matter or energy.

If nothing moved, there would be no TIME. TIME is motion.

Embedded in everything is motion and the capacity to interact, act, exchange, change.

The concept of a SEED is extraordinary. Everything within a SEED is in motion. Revving for the moment the brake is released.

A SEED is the release mechanism for the motion and energy and composition of seemingly inert matter. Add H2O and carbon from the atmosphere and other necessary variables to a plant SEED and voila, you have an organism in constant motion building itself according to its genetic programming into a bio-machine that processes matter and energy, replicates the SEEDS with variations, and ultimately returns itself to a seemingly inert state only to become the components of possibly never-ending cycles of SEED to plant propagation. Every instantiation of SEED or plant contains nuance, sometimes enough to visibly create something new, different, evolving. Humans rely on seed bearing structures and seed carrying reproductive organisms for the majority of our sustenance (fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts, beans, oils, creatures).

Recent research suggests that the concept of a SEED applies to smaller and smaller forms of matter. A protein or amino acid or even a set of molecules can under the right conditions become an autopoietic replicating bio-machine. This is because everything is in motion, and every motion offers the potential for a new variant of what was, a new potential for bonding or cohesion or repulsion or reaction that did not exist until that instance.

The laws of motion apply on a nano scale all the way up to human scale or planets. We exert motion on the environment, on ourselves, on others and each instance of motion produces a SEED of new potential. Every human life emits waves of SEEDS that may grow in the fertile soils around us. Some SEEDS grow into humans. Some into ideas. Some into the architecture or construction of physical objects.

The Dynamos making up matter and energy in the universe remain a mystery to us. We can describe their behavior but we do not understand their dynamics, their source, their underlying nature. We do not understand ENERGIES.

The miraculous birth of a plant from an inert hundred year old SEED is about the motion and programming of molecules that can unleash life.

The future of humankind rests in understanding and enhancing how the dynamos of motion at the thresholds of lives and energies work.

YWorlds believes that dynamic motion is the best way to communicate complexity. Here’s a primitive example of what we mean:



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