Definitions of Corruption:

  • Dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery
  • Impairment of integrity, virtue, or moral principle
  • Decay; Decomposition
  • Inducement to wrong by improper or unlawful means (as bribery)
  • A departure from the original or from what is pure or correct

Take a deep breath and look all around you. Take an even deeper breath and quickly scan all of the information media you are accustomed to viewing. And finally, look back at your life-map of everything you have been told by anyone wearing the status hat of significant socio-economic power, every major institution on earth. Corruption is pervasive, invasive, endemic, epidemic. There are precious few exceptions to this observation.


If Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systemic Coherence are our baseline criteria, very little in our human centric world has not been corrupted. The extent of this enveloping fabric of corruption is such that we cannot even see it, it has become invisible, it fails to register in our consciousness. The very concept of corruption has itself become corrupted.

Honesty is different from Truth. Honesty is the accurate expression of one’s conscious and subconscious motives, objectives and best understandings at a single point in time and context. Truth, the pursuit of truth, is about the intense conscious effort to obtain all available knowledge and process it via logic and reason in order to obtain a viewing angle that represents proof based systemic coherence, including doubts and uncertainty. Principles are the lens one wears to view oneself and the world – Wayfinder has adopted the NETS lens which serves not only as principles but also as a guide to objectives and proof processes.

Using a NETS lens, our inherited language corrupts our systemic understanding, our inherited SLANTS corrupt the context of our perceptions, our science is corrupted by silo-ing, by the influence of money and power,  and by motives that are often more self-serving than beneficent. A NETS lens observes that we have no media mechanism to accumulate proofs of knowledge that can be wholly visible as we consider elections, world affairs, the impossible job of policing, the reality of racism and subsequent horrors or the massive preventable human and ecological tragedies occurring all around us.


If you adopted NETS, there would be no discussion of Donald and Hillary. There would be a discussion of how best to nurture ourselves so that everyone gets access to opportunity and basic needs, so that everyone can thrive and so that everyone understands the realities, the sciences and the systemic forces we have to manage. Our government would be transparently viewed, and recognized as people we hire to serve NETS objectives and principles, not some dark and distant kafkaesque institutional maze. We would daily and annually take the pulse of specific and systemic progress, and if they fell short, they would be replaced. The entire agenda and heinous practices of one political party would be negated by NETS, giving rise to new and better agendas and practices.

Most Americans cannot get a handle on the truth because largely it is not visible. We should be able, we are able (Wayfinder) to see and experience the marginalization of whole classes of people, to understand the insanity of politics and imagine a NETS driven culture, to recognize that economies and jobs and happiness must be reinvented, to ignore the corruptions and clearly see our way forward toward Nurture.Equality.Truth.Systems.




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