Principles are part of our imagination.

We make them up. We find them floating about in other people’s brains. Each of us has our own concoctions sleeping and working and dancing and twisting within our mind . As we imagine how all of this works, we paint a picture of principles that involves colors and themes in our conscious and subconscious that come from our genetic programming, and from the programming of our life experience.

Principles can stand alone, can be totally interlaced with other principles, can conflict, can come and go, can change on a dime, can be illogical or ill founded, can be injected, can be invisible, and can make us physically ill.

Until they wake from their dormancies within our brains, principles are essentially seeds of thought. But once they begin to germinate and grow, they begin to inextricably intertwine themselves among the patterns of our mind.

In our conscious is where nourishing principles need to be planted and maintained. In the open light of day, where it is always visible and available for inspection, where it can be referenced as we imagine more and more complex challenges.

Instead, principles mostly grow in patchy poorly tended subconscious fields, often with weak genetic foundations and generic origins.principle-yperson

Our laws need to be solidly connected to principles.
Our governments need to be solidly connected to principles.
Our corporations need to be solidly connected to principles
Our debates need to be solidly connected to principles.
Our policies need to be solidly connected to principles.
Our decisions need to be solidly connected to principles.
Our subconscious needs to be solidly connected to consciously constructed principles.

But we have lost our way with principles.

What are your root/core principles?
Where did they come from?
Are they universally applicable?
Could one expect others to embrace your version of principles because they are inclusive, logical, systemic, founded on knowledge, designed for the benefit of everyone, offering protections for those who need it, offering restrictions for those who require it?

Listen to the shallow and slight, or nonexistent, principles expressed by supporters of Donald Trump, Republicans, Libertarians, and Tea Partiers. You cannot possibly name them because they are not expressed – they do not exist. Limiting government, trickle down/tax the middle class and not the rich, stop and frisk, no universal healthcare, allow trillions of dollars to be hidden offshore to avoid both taxes and beneficial investment, more guns, restricted voting rights, tainted everything, corrupt everything, limited oversight and regulation, lets go back to the good old days……THESE ARE NOT PRINCIPLES.



Stop talking in politics and instead talk in upfront principles and priorities.

The root principle for the United States is that it offers a systemic balance that makes it difficult for the government, the military, large corporations, or wealthy individuals to control the county, shaping it for their purposes, not for constitutionally (principles) defined objectives. The US Supreme Court has 4 members who continue to believe the commons, the non wealthy people who empower the government, are the last party to be protected from tyrannies that restrict voting rights, educational rights, financial rights and equal protections.


Sub-principles include complete government disclosure, no secrets, clear agendas, no incentives or tolerance for corruption/hate/violence, live oversight, sunlight, proof processes for all decisions, multiple balances & feedback loops, systemic mappings, health and safety for all, opportunity for all, decentralization of power, consolidation and free sharing of best knowledge, free education, the government is an instrument of the people – not a self serving institution, commons driven charters for corporate existence, sustainability, small footprints, freedom….

We have a distinct point of view. Our point of view begins with our principles- Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Principles should be out in the open, transparent, provable via logic and knowledge, and consciously referenced across everything that has meaning in our lives.

We listen to the principles of all voices, all speakers. We listen carefully for inclusiveness, for basis, for reason, for caring, for systemic completeness, and for an open commitment to the pursuit of truth. What we hear most often is talk but without constructions composed of carefully crafted principles. Principles not based upon compassion and knowledge and systems are SLANT.  We hear stuff, lots and lots of stuff, coming from left field and right field and from the bleachers. We value stuff. We value the freedom of expression and belief.

But in order for us to achieve our commons potential, we need to consciously move beyond stuff.

Stuff is not good enough. It never was.

We believe NETS is a good place to start. Watch for our new developments that will make it easier for you to explore NETS and judge for yourself whether is meets your principles and standards.


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