The simple life is doing whatever you want, saying whatever you want, believing whatever you want, wanting whatever you want. SWAY derails the mirage of the simple life by introducing such interfering forces as bosses, partners, parents, peer pressures, economic sustainability (food and shelter cannot be ignored), self guided moralities, and laws.

Pure freedom does not exist. There are always circumstances that mess with the simple and the free. There will always be circumstances.

Y Worlds - NETS - Visual Y

Watch an ant come to a fork in the road, a “Y”, and it must choose. Some leap toward a branch with no hesitation, but most pause ever so briefly, considering the circumstances with their ant-person brains, before they head left, or right, or back. The ant had to choose and suddenly the simple life became decidedly less simple. These unavoidable choices are the foundational roots of what we call “consciousness”.

Circumstances are not just of this moment, but of the accumulation of past moments, present moments, derived potential moments, and every circumstance of everything in the universe that intersects with your moment – for the ant-person pondering the “Y”, circumstances include the intensity and direction of the sun, the observable food potential at the end of the right branch, the bottom of a shoe speeding toward it, the chemical trails left by previous ant-people, its past success when doing eenie-meenie-minee-mo, the ant-attractive butterfly behind it, its inherited right leggedness etc.

The Wayfinder movement suggests that we map all of the circumstances that can enable or disable our journey from where we the individual are, and from where we the collective of life and living potential on earth, are, toward the personal and collective destinations that serve us best. Since most of us have trouble with reading and folding maps, our maps are created in layered detail – with the highest layer simplifying the best routes, the most critical circumstances, and the tangible and existential opportunities from the journey itself.

You gotta go where you wanna go, and do what you wanna do, with whoever you wanna do it with, toward whatever journey and endpoint.

But we are not free. And the forces that determine our ideologies and life choices are not ours. You are not you. You are, at this moment, what they, the forces, the circumstances, the life experience programmings, have done to you and with you.

It is ONLY when you gain progressive (aggressive) control of your consciousness, across perspectives of time, systems, context, proof and science, that you can approach the freedom of your own identity, and more importantly, the freedom to choose, like the ant-person, which route the evolved you wants to take, and toward what ends.


We’ve made it simple to begin with. The ants and the humans would benefit themselves and all others if they selected actions, thoughts and ideologies as much as possible on the basis of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. Not politics. Not ideology. Not gut. Not inherited SLANT. Not stuff in your head. But instead on a simple integrated worldview and semiotic language that cares the most about systemically nurturing everyone and everything using proofs and accurate knowledge to achieve that result. This means embracing inclusiveness, embracing diversity, embracing freedoms, but within the context of moving some of us, as many as are willing, from point “a” to point “b” using a cooperatively generative enterprise driven by beneficent principles, objectives and practices.

Trust is essential if  you are going to choose to consciously disrupt your beliefs and actions. Externally induced change disrupts your sense of freedom and self. We’ll have to earn that trust over time. And we’ll never approach you or judge you if you choose another way. But ask yourself, imagine, if our language and thought and circumstances could possibly be severely limited by our lack of a 3rd dimension, a systemic dimension.

For example, how can a culture embrace the prevailing suicide of a political discourse where there are no clearly stated comprehensive governmental objectives, no feedback loops and measurement systems that involve the electorate, no blueprints for the future that include all critical circumstances, no attempt to accurately and systemically address the harms and threats to health, peace, injustice, democracy and equality from the current trajectory, no acknowledgement of the enormously imbalanced SWAY of money and access…?

The discourse, the learning, the agendas, are set by the parochial lies and inherently distorted processes that we call politics. Two highly flawed dimensions. How is it possible that we the commons do not control the very process that is our birthright – we are supposed to nominate and select our representatives after vigorous due diligence according to how they will meet our needs – not theirs.


It is insanity, and heartbreaking, that we have not invested enough in equality, systemic education, health and wellness, life security, personal and eco-sustainability, honesty, integrity and justice to achieve them for everyone.

Lets make a map together, a systemic map, a multi-dimensional map, an inclusive map, that shows the ways each of us can proceed for the betterment of us and all.


A Cooperative Enterprise. Mass Action. A Value Assessment and Sharing System. A Systemic Centro for Whole Knowledge Designed Around Needs and Objectives. A Proof Process so we Know What to Trust. And a Wayfinding Map, the Result of Our Continuous Expeditions and Explorations, that Suggests Where We Wanna Go, What We Wanna Do, With Whoever Cares About Us, and All.


NETS+ - Version 2

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