Wars can be reactive, waged to stop perceived tyranny, violence, genocide and threat. Or they can be waged proactively to gain a specific objective from a population not engaged in violence. Proactive wars are initiated because the aggressors believe they can prevail, or they are driven by hates that overwhelm calculation.

Wars are fought on the backs of the commons, supplying the soldiers, the victims and the precious resources to wage war. We can envision future wars and acts of terror being waged electronically and biologically, through remote control and distance. Locally, guns and bombs and drones of all shapes and sizes will become failsafe, automatically targeting and locking in so that the target is absolutely the victim. Aggressors and haters will become more effective killers.
On this Memorial Day, we acknowledge the legacy of every person who has died in every war. For the soldiers, we campaign for their safety, security and care in battle and in barracks, and we urge that every soldier and every soldier’s family be nurtured and cared for by our society so that they do not suffer from the economic, physical and emotional trauma of service. For every civilian, every man, woman, child, and animal, we acknowledge their shortened existence, their trauma, all of the associated forms of pain and suffering, and the absolute value of their lives and the immeasurable loss of their futures.
  • We acknowledge that the constructs we call war, terrorism, street violence, violent crime, rape, hate crimes, hazardous products, mass murders, genocide, famine and poverty linked disease are all preventable, are all equally intolerable, all have their roots in hate and displacement, and all can be addressed by the aggressive pursuit  of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systemic solutions. We urge that every victim and every family of a victim be nurtured and cared for by our society so that they do not suffer from the economic, physical and emotional trauma of inequality. We urge that every victimizer and potential victimizer be viewed as our systemic failure to successfully include them in the dynamic potential of a life without violence and to inclusively nurture , educate and care for them beginning at the earliest possible age.


  • Memorial Day helps us never forget the past. It also helps us never forget that we are the solution, through systems, clear objectives and accountability. What are the objectives of our nation? What is our support system for Nurture, Equality and Truth? We are looking for inclusive objectives and an action plan from the leaders of our nation and from the followers, not politics or business as usual.


  • Lets start by declaring a war against hate, on all fronts, from all perspectives, on behalf of the billions of future victims. Lets agree that it is unconscionable and unforgivable that the Supreme Court, The Congress, Corporate and Government Executives, and approximately 1/3 of the eligible voters of America desecrate the majesty of the US Constitution and the enormous sacrifice of people acting in service to our nation by denying equality for all, by lying and misleading for self serving purposes, and by failing to grasp that our future depends upon massive investments in the very people who are failing to prosper, including our veterans and their families, including all people victimized by the corruption of power, and including every child hoping that we actually care about each and every one of them and their future.

Y Worlds. Hate is a communicable but curable mental illness. Ignorance is a communicable but curable societal illness. WAGE PEACE.

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2 thoughts on “Memorial Day – WAGE PEACE

  1. “Lets start by declaring a war against hate”

    We probably need a different metaphor than “war against war”. We have no positive equivalent metaphor for great commitment, temporary sacrifice and unity directed towards significant changes. “Terrorist” or “insurgents” are now popular terms to label anyone who resists any authority we approve (even if non violent) and “freedom fighter” for those who oppose authorities we disapprove of.

    Celebration days become venues for propaganda and indoctrination. In the sense of reconciliation, might we not also celebrate war resistors and peace activists (who are more than war resistors)? What is actually celebrated on Memorial Day, for different populations?

  2. Thanks Larry. People who are actively dedicated to nurture through word and deed are the people we want to reinforce, recognize and develop.
    The people dedicated to actively hate and hurt represent partly our collective failure to nurture them and address equality, and also represent a force that in order to protect and offer safety and security for the purpose of nurture may need be met with counter force – education, socialization, enforcement, systems that deter hate and violence, and sometimes violence. Your are correct that our language and artifacts addressing the aftermath of war fail to systemically and accurately acknowledge the context and the comprehensive view.

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