Y Worlds is a Collaborative Meta Enterprise. We are a scaffolding building upon four core principles that also serve as objectives and processes. These are our principles and objectives and conscious processes.

A NETS CompassDaily-Grey1

A Semiotic Language for Complexity Mapping & Proof Processes

  • A dynamic multidimensional visual and auditory language to represent complexity
  • A semiotic collaborative knowledge organization and mapping system
  • A family of universal model sets & basic representational principles
  • Powerful new engines to produce spectrums of visual and auditory expression

The Wayfinding Collective Intelligence

  • Robust theaters of learning, consultancy, decision making, and map making
  • Inclusive lenses and sense-making (expertise, speed, profundity)
  • Transactional narrative processing
  • The Pattern Observatory
  • Precious Blue
  • Comprehensive global knowledge

CENTRO – A Dynamic Navigable Web Based Enterprise

  • A parallel wealth generating cooperative scaffolding of resources, toolkits, R&D and scale, populated by the connective tissue of reinforcement and reward and sustained relationship
  • A valuing dynamo that powers an exponential cooperative enterprise for millions of members and the commons

The Y Worlds Summary

We are building a thriving beneficial living system.

We are an inventive disruptive and compassionate meta-enterprise, designed as a large scale mediated web-based collaborative, and driven by a unique set of cooperative principles. A foundation of transformational technologies and a vitalizing global wealth generating agenda. We generate wealth and distribute value to the people of the world by inventing a new web based model that encourages the existing models to join us.

Our formula for success, like everything we do, is systemic, multifaceted and founded on science and reason. We will be launching proprietary technologies, thought processes and dynamic exchanges that unlock complexity, capital, motivation, collaboration and human potential.

Our approach is to operate in parallel to our inherited world. We are taking a markedly distinct pathway with intersections and connective tissue that link what we do with what you want and need.

In the simplest terms we wish to assemble a global team of systemic thought leaders, technologists, entrepreneurs, philanthropists and catalysts who will introduce a new form of web based organization.

The scaffolding for this prolific enterprise includes the following core elements:

1) A browser based video game like web portal that functions as a CENTRO – an inviting habitat for high value knowledge, commerce, enterprise, connection, resources, products and services.

2) Users interact with intuitively organized visual models that instantly carry to the surface and dynamically present the meaningful knowledge that satisfies the objectives of the user. The CENTRO becomes a navigable world of living cells and forms that match users with their objectives: connectivity, relationships, ventures, investments, partners, producers, creators, consumers, service providers and above all, high value knowledge.

3) A global institute and consultancy drive systemic knowledge capture, learning and education , and hosts a new service that involves validation and proof processes.

4) Our model for meta-enterprise involves genuine immersive valuing and reward for all participants. There is a direct benefit to everyone who chooses to use Y Worlds and Wayfinder. We will provide computer aided life (CAL), a rich texture of interaction that feels and navigates more like life and less like a cold computer. Users become part of the cooperative, its 360 valuing system, and will perceive this brand as a transparent, honest, caring and sharing organization. Forms of reward include currency, notes, debentures, products, services, employment, legacy recognition, portfolio validation and the fulfillment of user objectives – finding funding, a source for a product, a partner, a person who can help etc.

5) A founding set of principles, objectives and processes based upon  the constructs of Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. This is part of our Wayfinding. Our brand becomes one of compassion, trust, integrity and effectiveness.



We propose that the best way for every one of us to achieve our potential is for that to be our systemic objective.

Our Approach is to Set the Existing World to the Side, and To Imagine and Build a Parallel Meta-Enterprise that Achieves our Potential for Maximum Nurture, Optimum Equality, and Rigorous Pursuit of Truth by Introducing a Scaffold of Bold New Collaborative Systems Under a Single Educational, Financial, Commercial, Philanthropic Umbrella.

We Intend to Build a Global Trusted Brand with Hundreds of Millions of Dedicated Stakeholders Who Exchange, Grow, Build, Educate and Trade Within A Web CENTRO Designed to Model Compassion, Sharing, Inclusiveness, Creativity, Sustainability, Systemic Understanding and Maximum Nurture.

We Want to Introduce the World to a New Model for Large Scale Distributed Wealth Creation by Inventing a Systemic Dynamo:

A Mass Connection, Mass Action “Gaming World” Web Site That Excites, Attracts and Engages Users at the Surface

Visual Y
A Universal Semiotic Language that Organizes and Converts High Value Systemic Knowledge into Action

Y Worlds
A Dynamic Commercial Exchange Driven by Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems & Their Generative Modelsets

An Elegant Cooperative Human Investment & Alternative Banking System that Ignites Human Ventures

A Dynamic Global Knowledge Exchange that Extracts, Synthesizes and Visualizes the Complexities of  Government, Industry, Science and Philanthropy for the Benefit of All

A full scale self sufficient vertical socio-economic system, model after the scaffolding and programming of living systems, that offers million of people the connective tissue to work together, consume together and collaborate together by organizing essential resources and services together within a groundbreaking visibly accessible financial, commercial, educational and philanthropic CENTRO.

complex graphic



The Browser
Traditional text based browsing becomes a rich media navigation experience, with users entering a CENTRO “gaming world” semiotic browser driven by user objectives. Our users enter a visual world that brings to the surface the knowledge, meaning and systemic relationships that best satisfy user objectives. The gaming company Valve is our preferred developer. Our cooperative creates, synthesizes, validates and models the high value content of our browser.

Our CENTRO functions as a town square, the place where people can find each other, connect, educate, create, share and exchange. The CENTRO feels like an immersive interactive organic video game. The CENTRO is a multimedia portal designed to function as a mass action social network for enterprise generation – supporting the spectrum of local to transnational activity.

We introduce Visual Y, a universal intuitive dynamic visual language that will evolve along side traditional languages to handle variables, relationships, systems and complexity. Language barriers, income barriers and literacy barriers to learning will fade away. Every computer, publication and communication on earth will begin to use this language. The language consists of ontological models and sub models. Every model consists of a fixed arrangement of cells and sub-cells that represent the variables of the model at a particular perspective or level. Each cell comes alive with a language of color, pattern, motion and sound that conveys the meaning within the cell or among the cells. If a variable is in play and highly active, that meaning can be conveyed instantly and intuitively via pattern. Beneath the pattern levels users can access traditional links to sources, documentation, and the proof processes used to reach conclusions.

visual-ysVisual Y is our patented system of software that processes and converts raw data and systemic knowledge into a visual browser based interactive world, similar in form to a video game world. Visual Y organizes the data and knowledge into dynamic visual models and maps that offer a universality of applications. The first view of knowledge via Visual Y is at the highest levels of meaning – organized in proprietary models that become the universal language for systemic communications – helping anyone better understand the relationships and variables that make up anything complex. Visual Y breaks the barriers of language, by introducing visual representations of knowledge that can be intuitively understood. Visual Y not only supports a global knowledge portal, it also becomes the framework for conferences, educators, publishers, business leaders and consumers to use for context and meaning at the highest levels, and for web based search, documentation and drill down detail at the lower levels.

A universal visual language removes the constraints of global languages and illiteracy and the access barriers to education and computer resources.

We will make Visual Y free to the commons. Commercial users will license the browser based suite of models and toolsets .This will enable them to deploy a universal systemic language for their internal use and for use by their clients.

We will introduce a suite of models that include representations of human beings, of Nurture, Equality, Truth & Systems, of proof processes and science. Any topic, any complexity, any information, can be created in a visual model form as reference. The models can be accessed, edited, modified and updated in real time by anyone. If there is a discussion about global warming, the large scale systemic models of global warming can be instantly retrieved and referenced, with all accompanying documentation tied to the models and also accessible. Today, there is no place on earth where comprehensive dynamic systemic models of high value subjects can be found in one place. Having a portfolio of highly validated, well-documented dynamic models for reference is transformation. The models serve as checklists of variables, identify the exchanges and relationships among variables, link to specific data and sources, and provide alternative data-paths, and proof processes and conclusions. We will no longer have to begin strategic planning and content discussions without access to the best available knowledge, presented in the best available format.

Social Networking
Our social networking is semiotic (visually and auditorially represented), using unique dynamic models of people and relationships. We do not draw lines to show connection. We use our visual language.  Our proprietary suite of software is called 360, and for the first time, anyone can convey or discover the essential meanings about who they are, what they can do, what they want, how they wish to be valued using a humanistic mechanism that brings to the surface such important constructs as trust, effort, skill, valuing and the achievement of objectives. Social networking is ultimately about relationships built upon trust, purpose and sharing. We makes these and other essential attributes for human enterprise come alive, overcoming the suspicion and misinformation and distrust that make successful collaboration in this era of social networking quite difficult at times.

Our 360 degree valuing exchange will become the preeminent system for human interaction. It holistically presents the profiles of people – including trustworthy validations of skills and desires, personality, drive and resilience.

Building high value trusting relationships is the key to successful enterprises, governments and marketplaces. Through the CENTRO, we connect people and resources together via a video game like world, where people can navigate instantly toward their objectives: finding an employee or skill-set, an investor, a partner, a supplier, a customer, a friend, a mentor, or a resource. We have designed a completely revolutionary and completely disruptive software interface that generates interactive maps that connect people and organizations with their objectives.

Our banking system is a scalable registry and visual database based upon a proprietary banking application and an extended family of value currencies that circumvent credit cards, bank fees, Paypal, checks and cash and empower people and organizations to transfer and receive real forms of value instantaneously and generously using our 360 validation and valuing system.

The banking application Dwolla is our preferred partner.

We are inventing a meta-enterprise, a global exchange of people, information, projects, and resources genetically designed to be generative, to grow, prosper and scale using a dynamic living systems model that is adaptive, cooperative and robust. Enterprise consists of sourcing resources, then organization, then products and services, and finally relationships, connectivity and markets. We are building a scaffolding for essentials and non-essentials that emphasizes global vertically integrated systems that function transparently, making our ventures and initiatives failsafe to find, and then joined, adapted, consumed and expanded. The genetic code for this meta-enterprise is that we can recognize and reward contributors and users across their lifetime with forms of shared ownership and with a variety of forms of shared tangible value.

exchangesOur Meta-Enterprise is designed for NETS based wealth creation and distribution. Our employees and cooperative participants pool their knowledge and intellectual property into visual packages that will be licensed and sold commercially, channeled into consultancies aimed at funded organizations, and shared at no cost with the commons. Our CENTRO will validate organizations that may then buy, sell, trade, advertise and partner through payments to the Y Bank involving currency and various alternative forms of valuing. Organizations, after validation, will choose to become an integral partner in Y Worlds, using the umbrella of Y Worlds for all of its resources and connectivity and transactions. The entire Y Worlds domain will be focused on generating a better life for people throughout the world, and a better scaffolding to support ventures and initiatives and bring people together for common purposes. Our priorities will be the essentials for Nurture and Equality.

We are creating a semi-automated channel for collaborative knowledge that feeds Wayfinder and our proprietary mediated CENTRO.  We coordinate, develop and house proof processes and high value systemic knowledge maps that will become the trusted source validated knowledge. We will dominate data visualization and knowledge visualization by focusing on rich systemic ontological models, and will license this intellectual property for commercial use and offer it for free to the commons. We plan to establish a consultancy, an institute and various partnerships to further develop high value systemic knowledge. Our preferred providers for knowledge extraction are unique software applications from LumiMobile and CollabWiki that power instant real time survey and data capture, and instant visualization and synthesis.

Advertising and Commerce
The cooperative receives a portion of what would have been spent as advertising dollars in order to commit to large-scale long term purchases of products and services that meet NETS criteria. The process of assessing the criteria and developing new products becomes a new commercial pathway. Our brand features an organic integral loyalty program and fully validated products and services that can be acquired through an elegantly simple internal banking system.

Our CENTRO will accept only validated advertising and will negotiate strategic commercial agreements using the sway of volume, loyalty, commitment, transparency and the power of our highly valued member consumers and their capacity for mass action.

Here is a semiotic representation of our stakeholder relationships. Join In.



3 thoughts on “About Y Worlds

  1. Thank you for laying out this groundwork! Any “model for meta-enterprise [that] involves genuine immersive valuing and reward for all participants” seems almost impossibly bold. But bold initiatives are the only course to a truly collaborative society. Godspeed CENTRO, Y Worlds, 360, Wayfinder and Meta-Enterprise! Let’s find new signs!

  2. I am an innovative thinker who has been sketching out similar plans for an integrative and elegantly designed network in which integrity to principles such as you have laid out here (primarily, in my opinion, the devotion to nurturing symbiosis) is built in. i desire to participate in a “think-tank.” With a background as a performance artist and literary writer, I am interested in levelling technical language, and working with others who wish to create a platform that speaks to the common visionary.

  3. Hi Jory. We have discovered scores of people who have reached conclusions similar to ours and yours, and have similar objectives and visions for how all of us can better address complexity and NETS. Please schedule a skype call with us alan.yelsey1 so we can get to know each other. We will be organising
    a Y Worlds think tank called Wayfinder that would be an excellent vehicle for us to work together for common purpose. We can discuss this and more
    when we talk. Best wishes, Alan.

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