Meaning derives from Degrees of Separation
(Partially based upon the work of David Sonnenschein)

Degree 0 Our immediate conscious, subconscious and corporal priorities and attention
Degree 1 Our immediate intimate sensory environment – life rings
Degree 2 Mediated input. Mediated by live transmission, or by recorded print or playback
Degree 3 Input that is unrecognized, unprocessed or unintelligible

by AAY

3 thoughts on “Degrees of Separation

  1. Radar or perhaps a fractal antenna, Dan! A means of evaluating environment and also reflecting quality/nature of engagement. A tool for monitoring our own interactions and development, but also for communicating our status in a manner that allows for optimal alignment with other end users, applications, algorithms, data sets, etc. (A dashboard that is networked with other dashboards!)
    I like how the triangular model suggests the flow of input from undifferentiated data to information to intelligence to code. I believe that various discrete triangles such as this might be organized to form polygons, tetrahedrons and other more complex systems that communicate the depth and breadth of activity and engagement of the individual. This concisely represented meta data will open new realms of network/community learning and development.

  2. The concept of degrees of separation is a prime component in all matter:energy and in everything human. The idea of radar and antennas and pattern observatories are central to our upcoming Wayfinding project. I think it will excite you. Everything physical is about exchanges based upon degrees of separation – in the physical world things have to “touch” in order to interact, change properties and behaviors, transfer energies and material. So mapping how everything is located spatially according to degrees of separation and trajectories and potential exchanges is how science works. For humanity, degrees of separation is a simple flexible ontological concept that allows us to characterize the power of direct human intimacy as compared to reading new stories from across the globe. Degrees of separation suggests that we are deeply wired for closeness, but we need to consciously fight that SLANT in order to fully process and comprehend what is going on outside our direct personal radar and antennas. Degrees of separation means that we need to appreciate the rings of sensing and sense making, not trusting the radar of media and third parties if we can conduct a collaborative valuing that invalidates them and validates a network of Wayfinders contributing to a more systemic and truthful perspective.

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