equalityWe believe the concept of equality requires a systemic understanding that includes SLANT and the myriad ways Equality is subverted across all of our lives. Equality is not just about legal diligence, ethics or politeness; it is about how each of us evolves through our conscious and subconscious life experiences and our genetic programming to view the world and its people and the accompanying life systems. The word “equality” does not begin to communicate the complexity of our use of it as a consuming principle. Ultimately, Equality becomes a fully actualized and realized conscious, subconscious and corporal internal code that overwrites SLANT. As we explain with the pursuit of Truth, the pursuit of Equality similarly requires an unrelenting process of effortful and systemic change that will never be fully achieved. But we can make great progress. Help us map the principle of Equality.


by Systémique

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