systemsWe believe everything is multi dynamic and multi systemic. Dynamics apply to the smallest core matter and energy and their connectivity with other forms of matter and energy. Systems apply to the code, programming and nature of the smallest core matter and energy and throughout their connectivity with everything larger, including molecules, materials, life forms, human constructs, ecosystems, planets and universes. We think it is helpful and possibly essential to represent systems, through visualization and motion because that is the nature of everything. Humans are coded and built to process visual form and pattern very effectively. So when we think about anything, we don’t need to settle for words to define and describe them. We can also begin to create a systemic language that helps to explain the complex connectivity and programming that underlies everything in the universe, and also everything within the human centric universe – how we think, act, organize ourselves and grapple with understanding and meaning. As a beginning, we have organized Systems first as a recognition of the reality of how our consciousness works, then as a modeling and representation of what we understand and do not understand about the relationships and exchanges among matter and energy, components and machines, cells and nutrients, brains and human constructs, micro and macro etc. and finally, the root code and programming that defines behaviors within and among simple to complex interactions. There has been enormous progress in understanding systems and complexity. Work with us to produce a universal starting language and framework that will set the stage for accelerated development and universal adoption.

by Systémique

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