truthOur visual model of Truth depicts the vertical bar, representing the act of trying to achieve Truth, as not quite vertical. There are some components of our world that allow a sense of certainty. It is certain that you are “reading” these words when you are in the act of reading them. But for anything important, systemic, complex, or about humans or atoms and much more..we are only able to make progress toward Truth. Large numbers of people do not understand that words are merely incrementally developed symbols that have not advanced with the complexity of what we now know. We love words and language. But by employing a visualizable Proof Process, we know that we can do better than words to help us with the systemic complexity of a world we are just beginning to understand. Y Worlds is dedicated to the pursuit of Truth and we believe it is the process and not the end that we need to aspire to. We embrace full access and cultivation of knowledge, of proof processes and of the derivation and frameworks of knowledge. We believe much that is communicated to the masses today lacks vigorous pursuit of accurate, honest, trustworthy, documented, objective, systemic, rational, logical, reasonable and comprehensive derivation. And much of what we receive as information has not been structured so that we can best understand it, remember the meaning of it, and act wisely to achieve our objectives.

Help Y Worlds Cooperative and Y Worlds Institute establish principles and processes that avoid any absolutes beyond show us your proof, show us clearly and comprehensively how everything connects so we can understand it systemically, and show us an inclusive broad spectrum of thoughtful perspectives, ideas and constructs.

by Systémique

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