swaySWAY is a model consisting of the external forces that most influence our being. We have consciously created this distinct representation even though it exists as a particular aspect of Human Constructs and Human Relationships. We want to instantly be able to view the composition of SWAY when looking at anything human centric.

The SWAY model and its cells will retain the iconic form that includes sharp edges.

Here is what we think the preliminary ontology for SWAY should contain. These SWAY variables give influence to such words as freedom, control and power. SWAY is when the observer, the actor, perceives to varying degrees that an external entity holds sway over their future potential via:

    • Survival
    • Physical Well Being
    • Economic Well Being
    • Organizational Memberships
    • Personal Relationships
    • Environmental Nurture
    • Self Value

To be impervious to SWAY is to achieve independence and freedom through access to Nurture, Equality and Truth via systems that operate for Nurture, Equality and Truth.

The SWAY model allows us to immediately recognize forces and powers and influences that drive thought and behavior without regard for science, proof, compassion or Nurture. Work with us on this model. We promise no SWAY.


by Systémique

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