world_model_teams_03This is where we design and build our knowledge models, our ontologies and our patterns of meaning across all domains. Our focus will be on our knowledge mapping project and becoming a trusted source of complex high value knowledge. Help us identify the variables and relationships that will come alive through models.





How to Contribute

To derive and invent a semiotic system (open, robust, scalable, transparent, documented, universal, intuitively simple and honest) that organizes knowledge into tiered ontological model sets composed of cells filled with patterns that convey complex meaning.
Together, we will enable the peoples of the world to create exceptionally valuable content by shaping information into dynamic systemic ontological knowledge models connected through pattern and sound.

We will be focusing at first on four models in formative stages:

Proof Process is a universal protocol for the development of proofs and validation.

NETS is a universal model set. It functions as framing principles, as measurable objectives, as a viewpoint, and as part of a comprehensive systemic language.

The Y Person is a universal model set of a human being. It functions as systemic framing, as shorthand communication for complex states and exchanges, and as part of a comprehensive systemic language.

Our disease model is a universal visual framework to understand sources of human harm.

The Y Worlds Model Building Team will develop these ideas further, will create cells and tiers of detail, and will begin to experiment with its applications.

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