WGA_png24_001Working Group Alpha is our team of technologists who contribute to the concept and design of Visual Y. Work with an amazing assortment of people to revolutionize how humans reach our potential by finally addressing complexity and systemic knowledge – the stuff that really makes the world go round.




How to Contribute

To derive and invent a participative real time browser based generative systemic engine for the creation, storage and utilization of complex systemic knowledge. To design, code and embed a dynamic semiotic modeling language that translates the complexity of what we learn into knowledge, meaning and value. To enable the entire system, Visual Y, to be open, robust, scalable, transparent, documented, universal, intuitively simple and honest.

Our short term objective (and our shorter description): To derive the principles, the architecture, the technology, the R&D and the evolution of Visual Y. Together we will craft a way to create dynamic cellular ontological models in connected layers filled with pattern and sound. Ultimately, we will be building a very rich video game.

We know you are busy with your current life. We ask you to give us some time to introduce your fellow participants to you, to discuss the challenges we will ask you to help solve, and to explain the complexity and excitement of this project.

The following is a collection of references and web tools that are important to the Working Group Alpha Team and Project.


Eyeo: a festival that brings together the most intriguing and exciting artists, designers, and coders today.

Haptic-Data: a processing library.

KVS Studio- Portfolio: a collection of visualizations.

Learnable Programming: how we get people to understand programming- by Bret Victor

Processing: an open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions.

Web Tools:

PowWow: Free collaborative screen sharing.

Pivotal Tracker: Project Management Site

JSFiddle: Test small amount of javascript, html and css.

Cloud9: A web based IDE

Gobby: A downloadable collaborative text editor for coding.

Stackoverflow: Developer forum and Q&A site.

2 thoughts on “Working Group Alpha

  1. Hello,
    I’m very impressed by your goals and I want to know a lot more about your work. About myself: I am a mathematician interested in anything visual, chorasimilarity is my open notebook/blog, where, among others, I develop a graph rewriting system called “graphic lambda calculus” which can do lambda calculus but much more and much more geometrically. My long term goal is to understand biological vision, especially how the brain (of a human or of a fly) “computes” space. There are plenty of other reasons why I think your project is interesting, like for example because it might be used for gamification of research communication.
    Best regards, Marius Buliga

  2. Hi Marius. Thank you for introducing yourself. We have quite a few mathematicians and coders and scientists following us. People who follow Wolfram Research seem to be tracking us and we see resonance on many levels. We definitely agree with you last comment and expect great things to happens with the gamification of complex knowledge. Feel free to skype with us at alan.yelsey1. Alan

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