navigationWe are building a visual world similar to the most sophisticated video games. The act of navigation within this semiotic world extends beyond standard mouse:click, touch:click and linear functionality. The interactive viewing screen imagined in Visual Y enables the developer or user to identify their objectives and then access and manage a multitude of semiotic models and cells filled with a multitude of patterns and sequences to satisfy those objectives. Navigation enables the selection of viewpoints, levels of detail,  and control of what is in play on screen – while maintaining visual reference to all of models and variables and layers and perspectives associated with what is in play.

Navigation involves a permanent mapping system that can handle the the complexity of Visual Y to allow users to know where they are in the system at all times.  Every facet of Visual Y can be easily located via navigation, less easily via text and tag browsing. No one gets lost. This is where you find thinking and defining work on how best to navigate our complex visual world.

Our vision of a sitemap is one that follows us everywhere, transforms to the viewpoint that is active on screen, and serves as our GPS mapping and locating system across the expanse of Y Worlds.

Navigation incorporates a powerful new system of controls that accelerates and fortifies every step involved in identifying and achieving developer and user objectives. These controls rapidly generate complex WYSIWYG models and cell patterns that drive code – not the other way around. These controls seamlessly manipulate the many models and objects on screen to enable the developer and user to customize robust and scalable worldviews consisting of models, cells and dynamic patterns.

by Systémique

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