browse-25Sound is wired directly into our conscious, subconscious and corporal being. It possesses pattern, color and texture to deliver multi-colored threads and streams of symphonic meaning. In our language, music is a word that carries a basic meaning that severely underplays its extraordinary systemic power to affect complex life forms. We not only want an engine that can paint complexity – we want an engine that can also pulse complexity. Using sound to carry meaning, systemic understanding and complex interplay is something we strongly believe in. How to marry sound and visuals so they are symbiotic communicators of systemic meaning is an important exploration.

For people who are not able to sense what is to us the visual world, sound offers a multitude of opportunities that are not yet realized. To harness sound so that it occupies a stronger place in our system of knowledge makes sense. Although our language refers to music as an entertaining and moving medium, the role it plays in the lives and loves of people suggests its powerful emergence in conscious and subconscious realization.

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by Systémique

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