General Scope

This policy covers personally identifiable information collected or stored by Y Worlds on its servers, office computers, storage media and printed media. Our policy is to retain the least amount of personally identifiable information needed.

The Public and Collaborative Nature of Y Worlds

Everything in Y Worlds is collaboratively developed by its users using Y Worlds software. Anyone with Internet access (and not otherwise restricted from doing so) may publicly submit contributions in the form of content, code, profiles, ideas and information to Y Worlds. This is a public act. All publishable contributions made to Y Worlds and all publicly available information about those contributions and contributors are irrevocably licensed and may be copied, quoted, reused and adapted by third parties subject to the commercial restrictions and attribution requirements in accordance with the Creative Commons License. See Creative Commons License.

In general, this privacy policy only applies to private information stored or held by Y Worlds which is not intended for publicly use. Such private information may include the user’s email address, name, profile, mailing address, telephone number, and additional information supplied privately to Y Worlds.

Y Worlds may be viewed by anyone via the internet without registration.

Only the user’s email address and name are required to register in order to fully participate and interactively use Y Worlds. All other information requested by Y Worlds is voluntary and subject to the choice and discretion of the user. The only personal information publicly accessible through Y Worlds will be the registered user name and any further information shared in public for public viewing by the user. In addition, Y Worlds may ask participants to respond to questions presented throughout the active web site that will ask for either public or private information. All requests for personal information that will be made public such as case studies will be identified as such, and all requests for personal information that will be kept private but used for statistical data gathering will similarly be identified as such.

Users may also interact with one another outside of Y Worlds or may contact specific groups of contributors and users acting independently of Y Worlds, via email, IRC or other chat, or independent websites. Users should assess the risks involved, and their personal need for privacy, before using these methods of communication.

User Accounts and Authorship

Anyone who participates in Y Worlds will be identified by network IP address. Users that do register are identified by their chosen username. Users select a password, which is confidential and used to verify the integrity of their account. Except insofar as it may be required by law, no person should disclose, or knowingly expose, either user passwords and/or cookies generated to identify a user. Once created, user accounts will not be removed.

Purpose of the Collection of Private Information

Y Worlds limits the collection of personally identifiable user data to purposes which serve the well-being of its initiatives, including but not limited to the following:

To enhance the public accountability of the projects. Y Worlds recognizes that any system that is open enough to allow the greatest possible participation of the general public will also be vulnerable to certain kinds of abuse and counterproductive behavior. We have established a number of mechanisms to prevent or remedy abusive activities. For example, when investigating abuse on a project, including the suspected use of malicious “sockpuppets” (duplicate accounts), vandalism, harassment of other users, or disruptive behavior, the IP addresses of users (derived either from those logs or from records in the database) may be used to identify the source(s) of the abusive behavior. This information may be shared by users with administrative and law enforcement authorities who are charged by with protecting individual rights and property.

To provide site statistics. Y Worlds statistically samples raw log data from users’ visits. These logs are used to produce the site statistics pages; the raw log data is not made public.

To solve technical problems. Log data may be examined by developers in the course of solving technical problems and in tracking down badly-behaved web spiders that overwhelm the site.

To carry out the mission of the Cooperative.

Y Worlds is an active Cooperative and as such, it believes it is important for it to be able to contact all registered participants via their chosen methods of communications and their chosen degree of interaction. Y Worlds also believes participants who wish to contact other participants may do so by mutually agreeing to share email addresses and possibly other contact information.  Participants who choose to share contact information directly with other participants are making such contact information public, and must consent to the risks and exposure associated with the sharing of such contact information. Participants may interact with Y Worlds in a variety of ways at a variety of different levels of access and authority. Y Worlds wishes to be able to reach all active registered participants through their email address for the purposes of direct communication relevant to the mission of Y Worlds. Such contacts will not be used for any third party solicitation and will not be shared in any way with any third party. In addition, but strictly voluntary, Y Worlds may also ask for and collect at the sole discretion of the participant such additional information as a participant profile, participant mailing address and phone number, and other voluntarily shared information pertaining to specific projects and missions.


Details of Data Retention

General Expectations

IP and Other Technical Information

When a visitor requests or reads a page, or sends email to a Y Worlds server, no more information is collected than is typically collected by web sites. Y Worlds may keep raw logs of such transactions, but these will not be published or used to track legitimate users.

When a page is edited by a logged-in editor, the server confidentially stores related IP information.

Y Worlds takes privacy very seriously and will follow best practices to prevent unauthorized access to private information both on and off computers.


The site may set a temporary session cookie on a visitor’s computer whenever the site is visited or a page is visited. Contributors using a public machine who do not wish to show their username to future users of the machine should clear these cookies after use.

Users who provide a valid email address can enable other logged-in users to send email to them through the wiki. When receiving an email from other users through this system, one’s email address is not revealed to them. When choosing to send an email to other users, one’s email is displayed as the sender.

The email address put into one’s user preferences may be used by Y Worlds for communication. Private correspondence between users may be saved at those users’ discretion and is not subject to Y Worlds policy.

On mailing lists:

The email addresses used to subscribe and post are not exposed to other subscribers. The list archives of most such mailing lists are private. Only the username will be publicly visible. These email addresses and any messages sent to a mailing list may be archived by Y Worlds and used exclusively by Y Worlds for communication specifically related to the mission of Y Worlds and may remain available to Y Worlds permanently.


Access To and Release of Personally Identifiable Information


Y Worlds is primarily run by volunteer contributors. Some dedicated users are chosen by the community to be given privileged access.

Other users who may have access to private identifiable information include participants with Oversight functions, users selected to serve as editors or arbitrators, Y Worlds employees, trustees, appointees, partners, contractors and agents employed by Y Worlds, and developers and others with high levels of server access.

Sharing information with other privileged users is not considered “distribution.”

Release: Policy on Release of Data

It is the policy of Y Worlds that personally identifiable data collected in the server logs, or through records in the database or through other non-publicly-available methods, may be released by Y Worlds volunteers or staff, in any of the following situations:

  1. In response to a valid compulsory request from law enforcement,
  2. With permission of the affected user,
  3. When necessary for investigation of abuse complaints,
  4. Where the information pertains to page views generated by a spider or bot and its dissemination is necessary to illustrate or resolve technical issues,
  5. Where the user has been vandalizing articles or persistently behaving in a disruptive way, data may be released to a service provider, carrier, or other third-party entity to assist in the targeting of IP blocks, or to assist in the formulation of a complaint to relevant Internet Service Providers,
  6. Where it is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property or safety of Y Worlds, its users or the public.

Except as described above, Y Worlds policy does not permit distribution of personally identifiable information under any circumstances.

Third-party access and notifying registered users when receiving legal process:

As a general principle, the access to, and retention of, personally identifiable data in all projects should be minimal and should be used only internally to serve the purposes of Y Worlds. Occasionally, however, Y Worlds may receive a compulsory request from a law-enforcement agency or a court or equivalent government body that requests the disclosure of information about a registered user, and may be compelled by law to comply with the request. In the event of such a legally compulsory request, Y Worlds will attempt to notify the affected user within three business days after the arrival of such subpoena by sending a notice by email to the email address (if any) that the affected user has listed in his or her user preferences.


Y Worlds believes that maintaining and preserving the privacy of user data is an important value. This Privacy Policy, together with other policies, resolutions, and actions by Y Worlds, represents a committed effort to safeguard the security of the limited user information that is collected and retained on our servers. Nevertheless, Y Worlds cannot guarantee that user information will remain private. We acknowledge that, in spite of our committed effort to protect private user information, determined individuals may still develop data-mining and other methods to uncover such information and disclose it. For this reason, Y Worlds can make no guarantee against unauthorized access to information provided.


Adapted from Wikimedia Foundation privacy policy under Creative Commons License.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

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