I have consumed 60+ brain years.

Awake and at sleep, my brain and its synergic body, filled with biomes and organics and cells and proteins and atoms galore, has processed the universe according to me. Together, you and I and our forebears have interpreted the working patterns of ourselves and others and the dynamic complexity of everything into a unique unfulfilled framework that we call knowledge.

Everyone lasting 60+ brain years has a multitude of swaying experiences that have the power to embed themselves deeply into our conscious, subconscious and corporal being.

I had the benefit of intimately experiencing at a young age my peers damaged by racism, by bullying, by thalidomide induced limb deformities, by religious persecution, by unfulfilled relationships, by abandonment, by poverty, by discrimination for loving the same gender, by addictions, by institutional neglect and more…..



My life highlights around a wife and child, around family and close relationships, and around how my essential conscious, subconscious and corporal being transacts with the universe. No matter how wonderful movies, music, concerts, books and articles were, none conveyed the power of intimacy, with no mediation, of 0 degrees of separation from myself, and 1 degree of separation from forests, mountains, life forms and engagements with people. And no matter how powerful the programming of <2 degrees of separation, trauma embeds itself so deeply that it scars the programming of everything else. Witnessing death from inches, deprivation from feet, irreversible hopelessness from yards, pervasive hate from miles, reversible pain and suffering from everywhere is what a 60+ year old brain understands. Disappointments, anxiety and unfulfilled potentials occupy most 60+ year old brains. Satisfactions, achievements and survival provide counterweights and balance.

Those logging 60+ brain years have witnessed cycles, patterns, inventions, constructions and all manner of new apparatus. Some of us were part of the love generation, of hippies and communes, of antiwar movements and woodstocks. Some of us witnessed the power of unifying objectives and mass action. Some of us are now the people with resources and societal leverage that generate SWAY. Some of us can break ourselves out of the hypnotic trance of  day to day survival, dependency on bosses who control, jobs that weakly satisfy, servitude by debt and income pressures, and life defined by tasks and health and cleaning and shopping — in order to teach ourselves and others to understand the systemics of existence, and the meaning that comes from the pursuit of meaning – Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems.


Wayfinder is a vehicle for brains to collaborate, to begin a conscious journey toward what every 60+ year old brain already knows subconsciously – deep in our bones. That the inherited world does not make sense – it is what it is – and that is not good enough, not nearly good enough.  Not good enough because it does not contain a scaffolding for all. Not good enough because it will not support and unlock our potentials. Not good enough because it is corrupt – sliding further away from the rigorous pursuit of truth and justice. Not good enough because we have organized ourselves so poorly to address our potentials – we do not know how to converse on matters of complexity and high value.

We need to see the world for what it is, SLANT, an inherited amalgam that cannot systemically reach any objective worth having. We propose a new model that makes that existing model obsolete – Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems. And we emphasize Systems – inventing collaborative, cooperative mass action mechanisms to share and sustain, nurture and grow a parallel universe where we all work for something that will not harm, toward something active and sustainable, that will nurture, empower and enable a generative renaissance.

Wayfinder. Use your brain wisely. Build a new model.

wayfinderblue - Version 2

NETS+ - Version 2

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4 thoughts on “60+ Brain Years

  1. Hello Alan,
    Things are starting to come together in a big way — let’s talk! Technologies and opportunities in energy, transportation, construction, food and nature stewardship, and economics are starting to look like a whole paradigm shift, not just fragments of one!
    How is your big network project coming?

  2. Hello Alan,
    Came over again, and popped in a few comments (food, energy, housing). Can just as / more easily do a phone call. Could you email me with a few times and dates that would work for you?

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