There are 6 systemic variables that determine what we put into and onto our bodies.

First, our parents and caregivers control what we put into our bodies from conceivement to adolescence. Second, the food and personal care products industries research, develop and produce the processed choices for us. Third, our culture and life experience, media and education contribute to our programming. Fourth, our body has specific and general programming, usually subconscious, that influence our choices. Fifth, we can exert a continuum of conscious control over what we put in and on our bodies, ranging from all to none. Sixth, the collective marketplace, including regulation, determines the dynamics of availability, composition, labeling, price and accountability.

We are working on developing a model of the food system. We will be seeking further funding for our approach, and for the integration of all that we do within this project with Y Worlds’ greater mission. Join in.


SELF NutritionData a visualization tool for nutrition data. Data is sourced from USDA SR-21.

View our research on a systemic look of Ingredients

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