A home should comfort and heal. It should shares itself openly with many creatures other than me. It should collects and generates its own energy, food and water. It should exercise the mind and body.

It is small. Yet it feels enough.
It is an intimate place filled with intimate spaces.
It requires a small payment in currency, or much sweat and collaboration, and very little maintenance.
It is flexible and open enough to shape itself to the tastes of each inhabitant.
It has only two umbilical cords to the outside world.
It passively cools the heat and warms the cold.

It is secure from storms and stormtroopers.
Its lawn is a commons garden.
Its flat roof is a manufacturing facility for soil, plants, bees, water, light, coolant and energy.
Its slanted roof is a manufacturing facility for soil, plants, bees, water, light, coolant and energy.
Its window boxes are manufacturing facilities for soil, plants, bees, water, light, coolant and energy.

The exterior walls are terraced manufacturing facilities for water collection, growing, animal habitats and energy conversion.

It produces energy from the pressure against the earth, energy from the force of rain and wind, energy from the weight and state of snow, energy from changes in atmosphere, energy from motion, energy from sun, energy from convection, energy from vaporization, and energy from temperature change.

Downpipes, chimney, up pipes, light mirrors and earth tunneled pipes collect, distribute and generate energy.

Insulation is embedded into everything between external and internal.

The earth beneath is accessible, used from a multitude of purposes including piped heating and cooling, soil based growths, hygienic waste compost, biome harvesting, worm and insect farming, moisture capture etc.

My multi-unit building shares tools, kitchen equipment, unused food, furniture, clothing, electronics, books, movies, cd’s, art, fix it skills, medical knowledge, self help, computer know how, job leads, friendship leads, open activities, transportation and other resources as a collaborative.

The materials used for construction are mostly from recycled local ingredients – from waste paper and plastic to sand based concretes and bricks, to bamboo and fast growing fibrous trees and plants, to filled balloon domes, forms and molds, to organic solidified mold and biome growths. Windows can be insulators and solar energy collectors and indoor grow lights.

All appliances are operated using low energy mechanisms. The heat of the sun can dry clothes, stored energy can propel motors and mechanisms, methane can be produced for cooking fuel, lights can be light boxes or LED, powered by rechargeable batteries or focused sunlight, fresh foods can be eaten without need for refrigeration, etc.

If our objective is to reimagine how we live, and to create systemic kits that make the possible happen, and to embed Nurture, Equality, Truth and Systems into everything we do, it will take just a small proportion of us, a small cooperative, a collaborative, to ignite a way to live that satisfies every parameter of vitalization, comfort, meaning, control, creativity and happiness.

Big is not happiness. Bad is not happiness. Bling is not happiness. Happiness is a state of mind affected by other close states of mind. It takes one to be happy. It takes two to spread happiness.

A really smart home knows it is just a figment of our creation, a vessel of our capacity, and a legacy to our priorities. It knows our imagination and determination can craft it into a form that we today would hardly recognize.

Add your own input to what a home should do and help create a universal model for homes.

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