The Y Person model begins with an equalized representation of corporal, conscious and subconscious. We know these three master cells are not mutually exclusive. For representational purposes, we create specific identities for each and use patterns to show overlap and mutual functionality.


Conscious and subconscious functions are corporal creations. Corporal cells are Matter | Energy creations. For understanding and meaning, to achieve the objectives of any person seeking knowledge, we believe it makes sense to differentiate these elements and model an identity for each element.

The subconscious and conscious cells of the model use the same framework. The corporal cell includes the representation of the continuum of variables that make up the human body.  For all three master cells, we show an outer membrane depicting input and output. For all three master cells, we show that inputs and outputs go through a processing reactor that is based upon the composition, coding, memory and experience within and among each of the master cells. Cognition, emotion, motivation and functionality are all depicted by generated patterns of exchange visualized and auditized within the entire model.

We lack the knowledge about conscious, subconscious and corporal to fill the cells of the model out beyond our top level thoughts. This is a very exciting opportunity for an eclectic team to create a universal working representational model of a human being that can be experienced and expanded upon by a diverse audience with a multitude of objectives to satisfy. Build the Y Person you want it to be. Join In


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