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The Y Worlds Cooperative is building a parallel world that Nurtures, embraces Equality and rigorously pursues Truth using a vitalizing new Systemic language, a powerful Knowledge Visualization Centro and a Mass Action Enterprise that will ignite a new economic model based upon NETS. Watch for our announcements of bold partnerships, exchanges and knowledge portals. Contact us to discover what makes Y Worlds the most provocative new networking venture in the world! Read more about our thoughtful plan to change the world.



1.8 million years ago: There was fire and cooking 500,000 thousand years ago: Shelter construction 400,000 : Pigments in Zambia…



Many of us are enrolled in the modern school of metrics.  Measurement. Statistics. Data and Data Visualization. When we come…



NETS   The Systems construct in Y Worlds requires us to view the world through systemic eyes. Small systems are connected to…


Living Rooms

So, if you think life is sweet – it is.  But, If you think life is bitter – it is.  Or try…


The Incomplete List of Insanity

in·san·i·ty [ in sánnətee ] lack of reason or good sense: extreme foolishness, or an act that demonstrates such foolishness…



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