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The Y Worlds Cooperative is building a parallel world that Nurtures, embraces Equality and rigorously pursues Truth using a vitalizing new Systemic language, a powerful Knowledge Visualization Centro and a Mass Action Enterprise that will ignite a new economic model based upon NETS. Watch for our announcements of bold partnerships, exchanges and knowledge portals. Contact us to discover what makes Y Worlds the most provocative new networking venture in the world! Read more about our thoughtful plan to change the world.


Smart Homes- Analog

Well, for starters my analog home makes everyone who sees it and everyone who enters it happy. It advances the…


How Do You Do?

How do you do? Let me introduce myself. Now you tell me about yourself. So what do we talk about?…


Urgent Care

It is great sport to watch the players on the medical pitch perform before their small audiences. At the Mayo…


MS: Tobacco

At Y Worlds, we distinguish between data visualization and knowledge visualization. Using semiotics to help understand the patterns associated with…


The Book of Y

The Book of Y is a public interpretation of all knowledge through the viewpoint of NETS.



A collection of Y Worlds’ Animations



The Inherited Bias of PreProgramming and Life Experience


Our Foundation for Everything Complex

Visual Y

Visual Y

Our System of Semiotics & Knowledge Visualization