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The Y Worlds Cooperative is building a parallel world that Nurtures, embraces Equality and rigorously pursues Truth using a vitalizing new Systemic language, a powerful Knowledge Visualization Centro and a Mass Action Enterprise that will ignite a new economic model based upon NETS. Watch for our announcements of bold partnerships, exchanges and knowledge portals. Contact us to discover what makes Y Worlds the most provocative new networking venture in the world! Read more about our thoughtful plan to change the world.



  Symbiosis Definition: “the living together of unlike organisms” We live in rich systemic biospheres. The known life forms (other…



Watching sunbeams play upon clouds, dust near a picture window, people on a hot city street at sunset, or water…



Our large brain gets the entirety of humanity in trouble when we believe that we are supreme creatures who can…



NETS   The Systems construct in Y Worlds requires us to view the world through systemic eyes. Small systems are connected to…


LegacY: Donald N. Michael

In November, 2012 Y Worlds issued a legacY to Donald N. Michael- the author of this amazing essay- Some Observations with Regard…


The Placebo Magic Store

  Web MD offers this definition of Placebo: A placebo is anything that seems to be a “real” medical treatment…