Welcome to Y Worlds

The Y Worlds Cooperative is building a parallel world that Nurtures, embraces Equality and rigorously pursues Truth using a vitalizing new Systemic language, a powerful Knowledge Visualization Centro and a Mass Action Enterprise that will ignite a new economic model based upon NETS. Watch for our announcements of bold partnerships, exchanges and knowledge portals. Contact us to discover what makes Y Worlds the most provocative new networking venture in the world! Read more about our thoughtful plan to change the world.


(in)Dependence Day

The Declaration of Independence was really about a people’s Dependence On Selfless United Leaders Acting on Universal Principle Who in…


Flag Day

The RAINBOW flag of equality and inclusiveness expresses hope and potential for the United States of America better than any…


Memorial Day – WAGE PEACE

Wars can be reactive, waged to stop perceived tyranny, violence, genocide and threat. Or they can be waged proactively to…