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The Y Worlds Cooperative is building a parallel world that Nurtures, embraces Equality and rigorously pursues Truth using a vitalizing new Systemic language, a powerful Knowledge Visualization Centro and a Mass Action Enterprise that will ignite a new economic model based upon NETS. Watch for our announcements of bold partnerships, exchanges and knowledge portals. Contact us to discover what makes Y Worlds the most provocative new networking venture in the world! Read more about our thoughtful plan to change the world.



Everything I know is a figment of human imagination – best case. Worst case – skip the imagination. Who I…



  Legal systems across the world sometimes distinguish acts of sanity from acts of insanity. Legal systems across the world sometimes…


Spinning Straw Into Gold

In our dreams, most of us aspire to great Wealth. We imagine all of the things we would buy, build…

WAYfinder - Version 6

Think Again

When you wake up in the morning, slowly gaining full consciousness after dreams and nightmares, you look first for order…

topocircle+planets - Version 3

Why Did They Do It? Wayfinder

When the Killers and the Tormentors and Bullies finish with their harms to someone so different from them that they…