10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy
– Chris Miles

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
Lord Acton, Letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton, 1887

There are various forms of power and influence over you.

There is the power to overwhelm you, harm you, with physical force or the immediate threat of force. This is the power to kill you, torture you, imprison you, force you to act, move you from point a to point b, contain you, threaten you, or expand all of the above to those you hold dear.

There is the power to program you, imbue you, with beliefs and ideas and behavioral guides that define how you think, what you do and what you become.

There is the power to define your options, your choices, your opportunities, your experiences, thereby limiting your freedom to experience a full range of access.

There is the power to enslave you, to link you inextricably to certain systems and processes that are very difficult if not impossible to overcome.

There is the power of human relationship, of closeness, of proximity and access, of association, of trust, of bonding, of high volumes of contact or significant volumes of high value contact.

There is the power of scale, of the capacity to acquire and focus capital, human resources, non-human resources, to dominate or own, to mine, to grow, to create products and services unattainable and unachievable to individuals or even small groups of individuals.

There is the power to control through laws and enforcement, through the legitimization of weapons and courts and police and taxes and prisons and penalties including death sentences.


There is the power of institutions. To educate, to communicate, to heal, to insure, to manage currency, to invest currency, to wage war, to regulate, to protect, to buy and sell, to entertain.

There is the power of media. To control the access, fees and content of print, audio and electronic content.

There is the power of ownership. To own the land and the buildings, the raw materials, the manufacturing, the currency and the retailing channels of the world.
There is the power of unity. Of masses of people organized for a purpose or capable of directing themselves toward a purpose.

In America, the commons selects their representatives who then create and operate the mechanisms and architectures that franchise and direct almost …everything corporate, everything legal, everything land, everything raw, everything sold, everything learned, everything told, everything taxed, everything currency, everything constructed, everything pharmaceutical, everything doctored, everything punished, everything powered….


Even the Internet is about power. There is no such thing as chaos. All that appears chaotic migrates toward order, toward organization, toward predicted behavior, toward scale. The internet is moving toward consolidations of power. Massive organizations control the internet utilities, massive organizations control the appliances, massive organizations control access, massive organizations control search, massive organizations control functionality, massive organizations funnel and distribute content.

Y Worlds believes that absolute power corrupts…absolutely corrupts. Many of you do as well.


As you can see from the graphics in this post, actualized wealth and power is becoming more and more consolidated, possessed by fewer and fewer entities, and fewer and fewer individuals. China, a nation designed around power and control, is the goliath of the coming world.

The Distribution of Wealth in the U.S

How can it be that we hardly consider China as we contemplate our future?
How can it be that we hardly consider the incredibly threatening domination of media and consumer products and raw materials and banking and health by a small number of corporations driven by profit, not by Nurture, Equality, Truth or Systems?

Where are the counter forces, the opposing powers, the systemic feedback loops that will stand up against, and overtake, the growing forces of the dark side of humanity and freedom and vitalization?

Why is our government becoming nakedly impotent and directionless?

We need a common bond, a common theme, and a commitment to intelligence and compassion and sharing and systemic understanding. We need a generative mechanism that takes any positive thread created by you and helps spin it into fabric to warm the world. This takes effort and diligence and a commitment to principles and direction. We need to build our own world without the corruption and distortion and heartlessness and mindlessness of the old world.

Y Worlds. May the force of NETS be with you.

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Feature Image and Graphics by Chris Miles
The Distribution of Financial Wealth by Randy Coffey

2 thoughts on “Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

  1. Great post. I stumbled across the header image of this post somewhere else recently and I immediately recognized its significance. These multinational conglomerates, with their many brands, dominate human lives from a slanted economic system that fails to nurture equality and truth. Many of us see the slant as toward power for profit, not people. You can imagine why we’d be upset with Nestlé for draining the groundwater in developing countries to make its Pure Life bottled water. Taken to the extreme, this is the model we’re up against. Sign the petition: action.sumofus.org/a/nestle-water-pakistan/?sub=taf

  2. Thanks Dan. We urge everyone to sign this petition: action.sumofus.org/a/nestle-water-pakistan/?sub=taf.
    The disruptive mechanism we envision to oppose and displace profit is NETS driven valuing. Governments, Consumers,
    Boards of Directors, and loose confederations of human beings will participate in an alternative economy driven by a transparent NETS valuing system that places a massive value on clean water, for example, by assigning the responsibility of clean water to regulators and corporations, and by extracting all profits from pollutors and jailing all executive level perpetrators who consciously pursue policies and actions that result in water made irrevocably unsafe. Fracking will become unsupportable. Other worst practices will become untenable. There would be zero tolerance for the destruction of the precious resources of the earth, zero tolerance for poisoning life on earth, zero tolerance for massive corporations to sidestep or ignore their responsibilities. At Y Worlds, we wish to build such an alternative economic system, using an amazing valuing system that rewards everyone for NETS, shares and reinvests all profits, and dedicates its entire mission to NETS for all.

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